A Flock of Narcoleptics, a Joan Rivers’ Mantra, and Thigh Gap

Hello again friends!  With wine in hand and Guardians of the Galaxy on the tv I have decided it is time to write.  Before we get to the really serious meat I’ll start our night together with a Fun Fact about me….

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, approximately 1% of the population suffers from Narcolepsy. (Yes….I googled that fact, I’m a chemistry major…..research is my thing!)  While at college I met two guys who are narcoleptic.  For the sake of the Fun Fact, we shall assume they weren’t trying to impress me with some strange diagnosis and that they both are actually narcoleptic.  Now, if 1% of the population is narcoleptic it would be a bit odd for someone to know anyone with the condition.  Several people I have asked don’t know anyone.  I know two people and I have kissed both of them!  I’m apparently some sort of magnet for sleepy guys….BOOM fact about me!!!

Anywho….on to something a bit more important.  Earlier this week I found a Yahoo! article about the late Joan Rivers.  Mostly the article was about her New York Penthouse but there was a line that stuck out to me.  Joan had an embroidered pillow in her office which read, “Don’t expect praise without envy, until death.”  Granted, I don’t think that Joan actually said this, but it was her pillow so I’ll let her have it for the night.  The quote really resonated with me, and probably all of you can also relate.  How often do you see someone with something you want, and you make a rash judgement about the kind of person they might be.  Maybe its just me, I can be a bit on the bitchy side of life sometimes, but I’m betting we have all done it at one point or another.

The quote took on a more personal meaning for me during my Monday night Indo-Row class.  Lately there has been a group of college girls who have started coming to my gym.  Great for the gym owners, annoying for me.  They giggle weird, they are always saving spots for friends who show up late, and worst they are cute!  That short, size itty bitty sort of perfect with great hair and young confidence that I never had and will probably work everyday towards having them.  Even though the envy I felt was 100% REAL, I never praised them.  I’m not sure I had even spoken to any of them until Monday night.

Now, I love rowing!  I’m built to row!  Tall, ganglier than I should be, and leg muscle for days, I can move some serious water.  Rowing class generally ends in a team race.  So we are racing along relay style and it’s my turn to row.  I was rowing at about 13 mph, which is fairly close to my max speed at the end of a double workout day.  The college girl next to me turns to her friend and with huge eyes says, “Woah, she’s really going fast!”  Afterwards, she asked me a couple questions about how often I take rowing classes and the classes I take at the gym.  I realized that everyone is envious of what they don’t have, and it was at that moment that I became ok.  I became ok with just being me; tall, no thigh gap, and usually slightly frizzy hair me.  Yeah, seeing sunshine through my thighs might make them prettier which could be nice I guess.  Want to know what’s actually nice though?!?!  I’ve got muscle, and that muscle does work!!  I decide I want to row 150 meters in 23 seconds….my legs will do that for me.  That my friends is power, and anymore I’ll take power over thigh gap anyday.  That isn’t something I would have said a year ago but I’ll say it now.  Moral of this sort of long story….be yourself.  Embrace yourself and challege yourself to be the best YOU can be!  Don’t settle for trying to achieve some pseudo-version of the person next to you because odds are they are wishing they could be some version of you.

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