You Know You’re Getting Old When….

Every once in a while, not often mind you, but sometimes….I feel old.  It’s been a busy, stressful week so I’m taking the easy way out to a funny post.  I thought it would be fun to compile a list of what makes my friends and I feel old.

  • Getting dressed up to go out drinking sometimes seems like too much work.
  • Spending Friday nights at home, making dinner, and watching movies always sounds like a good Friday night anymore.
  • If I do muster the energy to go out, upper twenty something me can no longer dance and take shots all night long like college aged me.
  • In the event I decide to ignore Fact 3, I now need to allow myself at least 2 days to fully recover from the event.
Trust me when I say that the morning after this party was a rough for all involved.

Trust me when I say that the morning after this party was rough for all involved.

  • Getting a handful of underage drinkers kicked out of an all age concert the other weekend made me feel all warm and happy inside!
  • When younger kids, specifically younger siblings of my friends, start getting married.
  • Buying a house! If you need to up your “feeling like an adult” quota….this will do it.
  • When what’s his face left One Direction and you couldn’t muster a single fuck to give.
I'm not sure which one left.  Are they still even a thing if one of them left?!?

I’m not sure which one left.  Can they still even be a thing if one of them left?!?

  • When people you know have been married long enough that they are starting to get divorced.
  • When you’re feeling like throwing back a few but can’t find any partners in crime because your posse is all married with kids.
  • Looking old enough that you no longer get carded at bars… bittersweet.
  • When you have to debate going to what will be a great concert because it’s all age, and the youths will be out full force.

Youths….youths as far as the eye can see!

  • Going to the mall….shouldn’t all the kids be in school?!….again with the youths!
  • Reminiscing on the days when you could eat all the food, not workout, and still not get fat.
  • Working out and being sore immediately….in weird places.
  • Waking up the day after a workout, and discovering you’ve reached a new level of sore you didn’t know was achievable by the human body.
  • When you get hit on by 21 year old guys at bars….we don’t want to be cradle robbers!

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