A Major Failure in Adulthood or A Basic College Strategy

Just livin' the dream!

Just livin’ the dream!  Although, I can rock the hoodies at work, so I shouldn’t complain too much….

I have been wondering for the past couple weeks if I lost some yoga pants somewhere.  The other option, of course, is that my washing machine ate them.  I have shirts coming out my ears, and apparently only 2 remaining pairs of pants?!?!?  I quite honestly have no idea where they might be.  It’s caused some tricky situations when packing my gym bag every morning.

Oh Ryan, I'm so glad you get me.  We've got that deep, emotional connection going on!

Oh Ryan, I’m so glad you get me. We’ve got that deep, emotional connection going on!  If you never take off the pants, you can’t loose them!

Today, however, was a particularly low day in my progress towards adulthood.  After looking pointlessly in my closet, I moved out to the dinning room table.  Yes….I fold laundry on my table, and quite often it stays there much longer than it should.  Again, a pile of folded tops and no pants in sight.  At this moment I was out of options and out of time.  I performed a maneuver that I was quite sure only young, college dudes perform….I Febreezed a pair of pants that I dug out of the hamper!! :/  SERIOUSLY!!!  That’s what my life came to this morning.  Years of homemaker training, 1.5 college degrees, a house of my own, and I can’t keep track of yoga pants!!!!!  Your general inability to be a responsible adult really hits home when you’re Febreezing workout pants, in your garage, 10 minutes before you’re supposed to be at work.

All’s well that ends well I guess…..?  My pants didn’t smell like the inside of a locker room anymore, and I survived my workout.  Here’s to better planning in the future?!?…….who am I kidding……I’ll just buy more pants!  ADULTING THE EASY WAY!!!!!

Get yourself a good pair of yoga pants....and Hakuna Masquata! (Except do the opposite of that, because according to the Lion King, Hakuna means no......)

Get yourself a good pair of yoga pants….and Hakuna Masquata!!  It means nice booty! 🙂

Quick Memorial Day Thoughts

It’s Memorial Day…..of course you all know that, the day is mostly over by now.  I’m not in much of a writing mood, but I felt like I should say something.

I’m not a huge fan of cemeteries.  The one where my family is buried in my hometown brings to mind nothing but awful memories.  It’s dark, dreary, and in my mind’s eye it’s always raining there.  The reason’s for my distorted views are long and involved, and this isn’t the time.  Yesterday, I vowed that I would go back to that cemetery to see if age and time have given me a different perspective than youthful me possessed.  The only cemetery I don’t mind visiting is St. Anthony’s in my Momma’s hometown.  It’s good that I don’t mind…it’s where my grandparents and my Dad are buried.  Yesterday, as is the custom, Momma and I drove up for the day to put flowers out with my Aunt and Uncle.  On our way back home we also stopped at my Great Grandma’s and Great Aunt and Uncle.  Even though it was a rainy, sorta of bleh day, I didn’t feel sad.  I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing, but it’s just reality for me.  St. Anthony’s cemetery just feels like a nice field in the country.  It has nice views of the countryside and has never felt dismal to me.


Floral arrangements by my Momma. She does wonders with a hot glue gun!

Today, in honor of my Dad, I tried to go on a run.  It’s strange, but a miserably unsuccessful run made me more depressed than visiting his grave yesterday.  One would think I’d be able to pull out a mile, Dad ran races with lung cancer.  Alas, today was not my day.

Tomorrow, I’ll live to fight another day, and tonight we remember those who are not.

I Made Pineapple Salsa….Solid First Effort

Over Superbowl weekend I was staying with my best chemistry girl in Nebraska!  I ended up getting snowed in there an extra night, and we had to scamper out to the grocery store for food and football snacks.  I found a tub of pineapple salsa, and I’ve been having cravings for more ever since.  I bought some from a store up here last week, and it was a sad, sad situation!

I’m done with school for a couple weeks, found myself with some free time, a pineapple in the fridge, and decided to get to business.  I didn’t take any pictures of the process, because well….this could have ended badly.  However, it didn’t!  Frankly, I might never improve this recipe because it was easy and fast, and sometimes you need a healthy snack now!


  • One Jalapeno, Seeded
  • 2 Tablespoons Chopped Cilantro
  • About One Quarter of a Pineapple
  • One Half Tablespoon Garlic Powder
  • Plenty of Salt and Pepper

I don’t have a food processor or blender, but I have an off brand Magic Bullet!  I threw about half the pineapple in a bullet cup with the cilantro and spices.  I started with half the jalapeno….because again….questionable activities here!

The bullet is hard to pulse on, so the first batch got a bit too runny.  The salsa from the grocery store was a bit chunky, and I have to say I’m a fan of the chunky salsas.  In an attempt to remedy the texture, I threw the other half of the quarter pineapple in the bullet with the rest of the jalapeno, and tried my best to get a rough chop with the magic bullet.  It wasn’t a super successful attempt at chunky salsa…..there is no good way to chop with a magic bullet apparently.

Well, there it is folks.  Five ingredients and a cheap magic bullet gave me a quick, yummy salsa, albeit one with a smoother texture.  I’ll take the easy Wednesday win!  Now time to vacuum up some fur bunnies and curl up with my Scout baby for a movie.  It’s good to be us this week.

A Weekend of (Mis)Happenings

I promised an epic blog to make up for missing last week’s.  HERE IT IS PEOPLE!!

Over the weekend I took a mini vacation to the Black Hills.  The Hills have become my preferred vaca destination over the past few years.  I went to college there, a fair number of my friends are still there, and all my preferred restaurants and bars are scattered around.  This was a quicker trip than I normally take, but I tried to pack in plenty of fun and pictures.  I’ve complied them all below in an effort to take you all along on my epic adventures!


Step 1: Pack all the things! Step 2: Bribe your fur baby and leave her at Grandma's house. Step 3: Buy an XL coffee and put the pedal to the metal!

Step 1: Pack all the things!
Step 2: Bribe your fur baby, and leave her at Grandma’s house.
Step 3: Buy an XL coffee, and put the pedal to the metal!

Take a ride across the Badlands....

Take a ride across the Badlands….

A few hours and some tin foil later and I'm shorter and blonder for summertime.  Marla never fails to do amazing work, and I'm lucky to know her!

A few hours and some foil later, I’m shorter and blonder for summertime. Marla never fails to do amazing work, and I’m lucky to know her!  I’m not generally one for “Outfit of the Day” pictures, but it’s all part of the adventure!

Dinner with the original boyfriend and drinks with my Chemistry bros!  I may or may not have caused a pub crawl to end early.......oops!

Dinner with the original boyfriend, and drinks with my Chemistry bros! I may or may not have caused a pub crawl to end early…….oops!

Rainy night rooftop views of my home away from home.

Rainy night rooftop views of my home away from home.


Can't drink all day if you don't start at brunch!

Can’t drink all day if you don’t start at brunch! Kickass Margaritas (Pineapple and Hot Pepper) give me life!!


White gurl issues….when you try and take a selfie, but you accidentally make a video….. #selfiesaturday

Saturday night in Deadwood.  When in the Wild West, channel your inner cowgirl and get after it!

Saturday night in Deadwood. When in the Wild West, channel your inner cowgirl and get after it!

Breathe in all that open space!

……breathe in all that open space!

So many bars, so little time.  You'll notice the person with the most clothes is walking the fastest up the mountain.....men are whimps!

So many bars, so little time. You’ll notice the person with the most clothes is walking the fastest up the mountain…..men are whimps!

Found my favorite tipsy Lewis/Clark/Party Boy at the Grand.  You know it's a good night when someone has to wear the sombrero home because there isn't room in the Jeep....

Found my favorite tipsy Lewis and/or Clark/Party Boy at the Grand. You know it’s a good night when someone has to wear the sombrero home because there isn’t room in the Jeep….


Blueberry Danish and Austrailian Iced Coffee with my lovely Russian lady!

Blueberry Danish and Austrailian Iced Coffee with my lovely Russian lady!  Multicultural breakfast at Bully Blends.

Last stop at Philly Ted's for some cajun chickens to go, and a ride back across the Badlands.

Last stop at Philly Ted’s for some cajun chickens to go, and a ride back across the Badlands.

Be the hottest thing they've seen at the Al's Oasis Arby's all day!

Be the hottest thing they’ve seen at the Al’s Oasis Arby’s all day!

Memorable Quotes of the Weekend – I’m in Italics for some differentiation….

  • “You definitely don’t have a shortage of hair.”
  • “You’re pretty, but you make bad life choices.”  “Ummm….excuse me?”  “You’re pretty, but then you’re standing there holding a PBR.  You make bad life choices!”
  • “Do I really smell like Ketchup?!?!?”
  • “You realize we are gonna start talking again, and I’m just gonna hit on you…..” “….Great….” –I got this twice, once Friday and once Saturday from the same guy from college!!!!  Ugh
  • “I’m feeling sober, can we get a drink?”
  • “Hey!  How tall are you?!?” “Hahah, not tall enough!”
  • “Hey, I’m liking your hair.” “Thanks” “You’re the hottest thing we’ve seen all day!”


So….I failed!

I had every intention of posting here once a week, and school got the best of me last week.  😦

Writing a course project took priority over writing a blog.  I’m sure you’ve all been suffering without me!  While I could post the project I wrote….that would be boring, and no one wants that in their lives!  Instead, I promise that next post will be a super exciting one. 🙂

I’m headed to Rapid City for the weekend, and I have some epic plans for my blog along the way.  Stick with me people….it’ll be worth it!

Chapter 4: The Slow Fade

I think one of the most annoying aspects of modern dating has to be the slow fade.  I’m sure people have been utilizing some version of this method for decades, but I have a feeling it’s become more prevalent in recent years.  Personally, I think online dating and cell phones have created a “perfect storm” situation where we don’t need to be near to or actually talk to the people we are trying to date.  It’s too easy to stay in touch with people now, so we get lazy, and we just don’t do it.  Dating, at least in my recent experience, starts out much more impersonally, and I think that makes slow fading someone easier.

For those who might not know, the slow fade is when either you or the other party just slowly stops talking.  This is slightly different from say a cliff dive scenario where someone just…..all the sudden stops talking!  That’s annoying too, but in a different way.  Slow fading is the modern version of the phrase, “letting someone down easy.”  You like them enough to not drop your departure on them like a ton of bricks, but not enough to actually tell them why you don’t want to date them.  Usually, let’s be honest, that reason is, “I’m just not that into you.”  I’m maybe being a bit hypocritical here, because it isn’t like I’ve never used the slow fade on someone.  I think that I differ slightly from the typical slow fade user though.  Even if I don’t want to date you, I’ll stil talk and probably hang out with you.  I’f I’m really just not feeling it at all, I’ll start the fading process by just “being busy”.  Now, realistically, I’m almost never too busy to hang out with someone, but I guess you make time for what is important.  My constant state of busy basically puts the ball in the other person’s court.  If you want to slow fade me at this point, great!  The feeling is mutual, I just don’t ever really want to be the one to crush some poor guys hopes and dreams.

If after a significant period of time the poor guy just isn’t grasping the “friend zone” concept I’m trying to roll with, I’ll perform a slow fade.  Just slowly stop answering texts and definitely don’t answer phone calls!  Frankly, I really only prefer this technique on people I haven’t gone on face to face dates with.  Not only do I prefer it, I totally accept it!  If we haven’t bothered to meet in person and it’s been several months, we clearly aren’t all that into each other.  I have enough friends, I don’t need an extended circle of random dudes I met online.  Thanks, but no thanks!

The use of the slow fade that I don’t understand is when you’ve meet someone in person, had a good time together, agree to meet up again, and then bam….the slow fade.  I mean, I get that sometimes you’re just not that into someone.  I also understand that even if you’ve casually been seeing someone, when it comes time to move on, it can sometimes feel like you have to “break up” with someone you weren’t actually dating.  Trust me, that’s a feeling I’m well acquainted with!  However, have we really become so fragile that we can’t just tell someone we aren’t interested?  Again, I think it’s laziness.  It’s just easier to give someone the slow fade, but that doesn’t make it right.  I should clarify that the mutual slow fade is a rare gift, a mystical unicorn of modern dating.  If you find yourself in a mutual slow fade, count your lucky stars and have a celebratory drink!!  It truly is a “get out of jail free card”.

As someone who has been on both the receiving and giving end of a slow fade, it’s a complicated topic.  On the giving side, you want an easy way to remove yourself from a situation, all whilst causing the least amount of emotional trauma.  On the receiving end, sometimes it would really be nice to know why you can’t hold down a relationship.  I think generally we should all be less accepting of the slow fade!  It’s really not helping anyone, and it’s use is probably just adding to an already high amount of dating anxiety!  However, no one wants to be the crazy one who demands explanations for everything, so we all just accept the slow fade.

I’ll be the first to admit that hearing about my flaws is only something I want from close family and friends, and even then it’s still not enjoyable.  However, my friends and family really aren’t likely to tell me the reasons why I send guys disappearing into the shadows.  They probably don’t know the reasons honestly!  There probably isn’t a good answer to the slow fade problem which plagues the dating scene.  I understand the appeal of giving someone the slow fade, however I’d really prefer people didn’t use that method on me.  Maybe we are just destined to be hypocrites in a slow fade world.