A Major Failure in Adulthood or A Basic College Strategy

Just livin' the dream!

Just livin’ the dream!  Although, I can rock the hoodies at work, so I shouldn’t complain too much….

I have been wondering for the past couple weeks if I lost some yoga pants somewhere.  The other option, of course, is that my washing machine ate them.  I have shirts coming out my ears, and apparently only 2 remaining pairs of pants?!?!?  I quite honestly have no idea where they might be.  It’s caused some tricky situations when packing my gym bag every morning.

Oh Ryan, I'm so glad you get me.  We've got that deep, emotional connection going on!

Oh Ryan, I’m so glad you get me. We’ve got that deep, emotional connection going on!  If you never take off the pants, you can’t loose them!

Today, however, was a particularly low day in my progress towards adulthood.  After looking pointlessly in my closet, I moved out to the dinning room table.  Yes….I fold laundry on my table, and quite often it stays there much longer than it should.  Again, a pile of folded tops and no pants in sight.  At this moment I was out of options and out of time.  I performed a maneuver that I was quite sure only young, college dudes perform….I Febreezed a pair of pants that I dug out of the hamper!! :/  SERIOUSLY!!!  That’s what my life came to this morning.  Years of homemaker training, 1.5 college degrees, a house of my own, and I can’t keep track of yoga pants!!!!!  Your general inability to be a responsible adult really hits home when you’re Febreezing workout pants, in your garage, 10 minutes before you’re supposed to be at work.

All’s well that ends well I guess…..?  My pants didn’t smell like the inside of a locker room anymore, and I survived my workout.  Here’s to better planning in the future?!?…….who am I kidding……I’ll just buy more pants!  ADULTING THE EASY WAY!!!!!

Get yourself a good pair of yoga pants....and Hakuna Masquata! (Except do the opposite of that, because according to the Lion King, Hakuna means no......)

Get yourself a good pair of yoga pants….and Hakuna Masquata!!  It means nice booty! 🙂

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