The Unachievable Plan

I have plans, tons of plans!  Often, they are super unrealistic but I feel like its always good to have goals for things.  Seems totally realistic to buy a Harley even though the last time I tried to be in charge of a bike I hit a hay bale and tipped over……..yea……that happened.  Saturday morning I made a plan to steal a ’74 Trans Am….seems totally legit to me.  Just need to find out the garage code and we are good to go!

Today marks the beginning of the end of a plan that in theory seemed great, but reality had other plans.  My Dad had bought a sailboat…I assume….before I was born.  In any case, I don’t remember an existence pre-Sea Jet. That’s the name of the boat, the Sea Jet. Seems like an odd name for a boat that’s in no way large enough to be sea worthy, but it’s a play on our family initials. She’s a couple years older than I am, but she’s got a retractable keel, and that makes her a very rare girl indeed!  She’s also, I think, one of the smallest sailboats you can find with a sleeper cabin.  You could go drop anchor in the middle of the lake and live on her for the weekend if you want.  We never spent much time out on the boat, life just got too busy.  The Jet mostly hung out back behind my Grandpa’s house taking Mother Nature’s abuse.  When I was in high school, Dad and I did get it all cleaned up and launched out in the marina for the summer.  It was a good summer, and I was a big fan of scampering around the deck barefooted whist trying to learn how to sail.  I never really did learn how to sail, this was a minor flaw in my sailing plans, but that’s what Google is for right?!?!

After Dad died, I wanted the Jet to be my project.  I was going to get her all cleaned up and redone.  She was going to get new vinyl decals (blue instead of the 80’s brown she’s currently rocking), new cushions  and curtains in the cabin, and new riggings all around.  I decided on redoing everything in blue because Dad had blue eyes and I thought that would be a nice touch.  Plus…..I mean the cushions are orange…..ORANGE PEOPLE!!  I just couldn’t leave them like that!  The inside is also rocking some sorta orangey tinted wood….nothing a coat or two of white paint wouldn’t help perk up!

Can't say the years had been particularly nice to my Jet....

Can’t say the years had been particularly nice to my Jet….

Lichen, or as I prefer to call them "Nature's Slip 'n Slide", are no match for my muscles and some Dawn!

Lichen, or as I prefer to call them “Nature’s Slip ‘n Slide”, are no match for my muscles and some Dawn!

Alas, sailing isn’t really a middle class, single, white girl’s hobby.  Marina fees for the season alone are much more than I can afford, and the Jet does need new riggings before she’d be lake worthy.  I’m not sure how much the rigging would cost me, but I’m betting it’s not in the budget.  I haven’t had the heart to un-bag the sails, they look like they are fine, but if they aren’t that would be a huge expense.  Beyond the financial issue comes transport and storage.  I’m not sure my Terrain has the muscle to haul her, and I have a hard time shelling out the funds to spiff her all up if I’m just going to have to leave her outside in the weather as always.  Plus, Grandpa’s house is no longer available for free storage, so that’s a whole issue as well.

Long story short, we have to sell the boat.  I think this is the first project in my life that I’ve had in my hands and had to give up on.  I don’t often bite off more than I can chew, although I do love to dream big.  So I spent the day scrubbing the years off the Sea Jet and getting her ready for the “For Sale” signs.  Hopefully, she’ll catch someone’s attention and they can take her out to the lake where she belongs.  Realistically, I’ve done most of the hard manual labor for them now anyway!

Check the sweet 80's vintage vinyl!

Check the sweet 80’s vintage vinyl!

Father’s Day Blues

Those who know me best know that I’m usually a fairly emotionally stable person.  I don’t go flying off the handle about things, and I can usually keep stuff together fairly well.  I just sort of maintain a standard operating level of bitchiness, but this week was different.

I’m not quite sure why it was different, I just know it was.  Funny though the things though that make you feel better….

  • Drinking half a bottle of tequila with you bestie and bawling like a baby at her pool at 3 in the afternoon.  Yup….we were those girls, and we don’t care what you want to say about it.  Sometimes a girl just needs booze, her bestie, and a good cry!  On a side note, I’ve never been drunk and then sobered up again all in the same night.  Yay for new experiences!
  • Movie night on the couch with the Scout baby….she’s my ride or die!
  • Running a 5K.  I hate to run, it’s not my thing and it never goes well for me.  Sometimes though, you have to run for those who can’t.  So today I put on my shoes, left the music and distractions at home, and ran for my Dad.


Now I’m not sure that it ever gets any easier or better.  I don’t know why it seemed better to cry at a pool than at the funeral.  I don’t know why I can just be going about my day, and all the sudden the feels punch me in the gut.  What I do know though, is that life goes on.  Even when Dad was here and sick, he wanted everything to go on as normal.  So, I’ll continue to do what I do, and life will go on.  Sometimes that the best you can do.

This House Is For The Birds

I seem to have a particularly tenacious family of birds living in my backyard.  Actually, I’m not quite sure they live in the backyard……mostly they’ve been living in my dryer vent!!  Now, I’m not really one who prefers to displace animals from their ideal living locations, but I also would like to be able to do laundry without potentially starting a huge fire out the back side of my house!

4 little babies....hanging out in my vent for who knows how long exactly!

4 little babies….hanging out in my vent….for who knows how long exactly!

Yea, yea, yea….I know its a snapchat screenshot, but this was a very high stress afternoon for me and I didn’t want to stay on the ladder for multiple pictures.  The first time I tried to remove the nest from the vent I was confronted by four, very upset, little baby bird faces!  I don’t deal well with squirmy, wiggly things well… the bestie had to come rescue me and the birds.  The babies lived for 3-4 days in a cardboard box that I tied into my spindly sapling tree.  Then one day, they were just gone.

I assumed that since egg laying season was passed, that another nest wouldn’t be a problem.  I was wrong.  So today I went to Menards and bought a new vent cover with a cage on the bottom.  Today, there were no baby birds in the vent so I didn’t need a bestie rescue.  The new vent cover is installed, and hopefully I haven’t angered the local bird population too much.  I also put a new screen in my screen door.  I’m not sure why I didn’t have one, but its another thing checked off the to-do list!

On a side note, I had sort of assumed that the $130 I pay to the HOA every month went towards things like bird and wasp removal.  Apparently, it does not….so now I’m slightly confused as to why I’m paying that much to have people come mow my yard once a week…..!?!?  I’ll figure this home ownership thing out eventually I guess.

Bedroom Changes Part 1: Oh, the Choices

I spent most of the winter ignoring the projects and updates I want to be performing to my house.  Spring and Summer mean a new start and a renewed sense of purpose for my projects.  (I feel like that sentence was about as cheesy as they come.)  Plus, I have some friends who are getting antsy to help with my projects, and you should never let the offer to help paint a room expire!  I’ve never really been in charge of picking out my own paint colors, just another step in adulthood, so I’m having some anxiety about making such a big choice.  I thought maybe I would throw up some options on the blog.  It might help me to talk through everything, and maybe I’ll get some good ideas in the comment section.  That’s right people, this is going to be an interactive post.  TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!  I’ll make more Bedroom Changes posts as I get the room accomplished.  Plus, there is a whole bedroom upstairs that I need to tackle, but I have a more streamlined vision for that room so I feel less stressed about that one.

The Current Situation

A clashing of styles.....

A clashing of styles… current situation.

The people who lived here before me had really modern style.  There was a white, ceramic moose head hanging over the bed……hahah totally not my taste!!  The room is currently painted a dark blue/grey.  Actually, I like the color and will probably move it to the bedroom upstairs.  The grey just doesn’t go with my sheets and curtains.  The curtains are the same purple and gold damask as the bed skirt.  I really like my purple and gold theme and the fabrics I have going, so now I just need to decide on a wall color.

The current choices are a dark purple…..which is apparently tricky to find, or a beige.  I’m hesitant about the beige because everyone can have beige walls….they just aren’t very exciting, and I’m sorta an exciting gal.  The other issue is that the rest of my house is beige.  In a way, it feels like taking the one exciting room I currently have, and dulling it back down to normal.

The Inspiration: Let Them Eat Cake

Marie Antoinette in all her opulent glory.

Marie Antoinette in all her opulent glory.

I want my bedroom to be a bit fancy and over done.  I mean, obviously I’m not going to gold leaf everything, but I would like it to be a modern take on that classic style.  The whole main floor of my house has sort of a classic style, and I want the bedroom to be the grandest room on the floor.  I’m the queen of my own castle and I want my bedroom to show it.

The Ideas I Have

The stencil is also on the to do list.  Whatever color I paint the wall, the stencil will be done in a very sheer pearl paint.  The goal is to have the stencil design there, but have it be very subtle.

The stencil idea will be done for sure.  Just the wall behind my headboard.  I’d also like to make a new, tufted headboard, but that’s a different blog post.  It doesn’t matter if I paint the walls dark purple or beige, the typical paint finish we use is eggshell.  I bought some metallic pearl paint for my couch, and that’s what I’ll use for the stencil.  It will be fairly subtle either way, just a difference in finish.  In my mind it looks cool, however I’ve realized that my mind’s vision sometimes doesn’t work out.

I love the faux-4 post look.

I’m also really loving this look.  I would be perfect for me because I’m obviously not rocking a 4 post bed frame.  I don’t know that I would do all 4, and I have no idea what fabric I might use.  Nothing I currently have.  So, if you have suggestions on what mind go with the rest of my fabrics, that would be helpful.  Isn’t interaction fun?!?!

The problem

The main problem I’m having involves the fact that there is very little light in my bedroom.  There isn’t an overhead light, I could maybe change that, but I’ve gotten used to having an overhead fan.  I tend to get warm at night and I can’t sleep if i’m hot.  Lack of sleep leads to a somewhat snarky me, so it’s really in everyone’s best interests that I keep the fan.  I love the dark purples below



If I paint the walls dark, I will repaint my doors and woodwork a light cream.  The only thing I’m not quite settled on is what to do with the ceiling.


I do like the general idea of painting the ceiling and walls the same color with some nice trim in between, however there are two issues with this plan.

1.  I don’t have the trim currently, and budgetary restrictions might cause my room to look a bit odd for awhile as I save.

2. My ceiling and walls do not have the same texture.  I realize that this can be fixed, but that’s maybe more work than I’m wanting to bite off.  I think that unless I change the ceiling texture to match the walls it would be odd for them to be the same color.

The Horror Show

The other slight problem I’m having with purple is the horrific problem that can occur when you pick the wrong shade!

photo 2 (2)

The caption on this photo was, “Purple done right!”  WRONG….THERE IS NOTHING GOOD ABOUT JOLLY RANCHER GRAPE WALLS!


I mean….the bad can get really bad!

So, this is my conundrum, hunt around for the perfect dark, purple befitting royalty….or settle for some beige, and try to fancy it up a bit by painting the nightstand, and maybe a mirror, dark purple.  Leave some comments and help be decide.  I’m thoroughly on the struggle bus with this choice and I need your help!  Also, the bedroom is attached to the bathroom which I may or may not paint.  However, the bathroom has silver fixtures, and it’s not in my budget to change them.  I’m not a huge fan of gold hardware, and so the silver will probably be permanent.

photo 4