A Weekend Project

I promised I would put together a DIY blog about my new hutch.  It’s honestly not been my best week as a homeowner.  My fridge developed a leak……and I’m really not at all equipped to adult on that level.  So, I shut off the water to the fridge so my kitchen doesn’t flood, and I’ll formulate some kinda plan to deal with that later.  In the mean time it’s back to drinking tap water and making ice in trays for me.

A couple weeks ago Momma found a hutch on Craigslist.  I have a bit of a skinny house, and it’s been challenging to find a hutch that would fit in the dining room without encroaching on the dining room table.  This particular piece was a bit more expensive than I would have liked, particularly because I ended up having to paint the whole thing.  But, it was one of those situations where you bite the bullet because the style and size was just right for the space.

Thank goodness Bestie has a truck and was free to go check out the piece and help me haul it home.  I hate making these kinds of decisions on my own…..actually, I hate making any decisions really, but that’s for another day.

The mini bar I built myself is painted in Old White by Annie Sloan, and I was hoping that the hutch’s original cream color would work with that and the Cocoa of the dining room table.  Sadly, it was very yellow in person….like so yellow that I can’t imagine that the color really matches anyone’s decor.  So, Saturday morning saw me off to the vintage store downtown for more Old White paint and some Aubusson Blue.  I had used the chalk paint before, but I had never done a two toned piece before.  I’ve already done some chalk paint furniture…..Because Every Home Needs a Bar!, so I won’t bore all of you with that again.  If you want more details about the process just lemme know and I can try and fill it all in.


The start of the project……in all it’s yellow glory!

photo 3

My phone doesn’t take the best pictures…..iphone 4 in the house! Hopefully you can see the yellowiness, and the fact that the back panel was nothing to write home about really. Two coats of Old White. In person it was very white. I always think the projects look very odd until you get all done. You just have to wait for it all to come together.

Two coats of Old White. In person it was very white. I always think the projects look very odd until you get all done. You just have to wait for it all to come together.  It’s similar to when you only have foundation on your face…..it just looks weird!

End of day 1!

photo 3 (2)

You might get stuck in a group text with the besties….if that happens, send them this pic to show them that you’re busy and don’t have the time for their shenanigans. It won’t help, but it’s worth a try!

photo 2 (2) photo 5 (2)

photo 4 (2)

photo 3

photo 4

I was a bit stressed about where I should put the shelves so that I could get the distressing right.  Eventually I settled on just distressing the shelves and not carrying the dark wax onto the sides of the hutch.  This will let me move the shelves in the future if I need to.
photo 2

Doing this was my favorite part. It’s amazing what some distressing and some wax will do.

photo 1

Distressing details and some dark wax buildup in the corners. Don’t stress it….you can’t do any of this wrong.

photo 5The Finished Product!

Chapter 7: A College Dream and the Actual Reality of that Situation

Here it is, after a week delay!

I did write a brief little blurb about this guy in Chapter 6: A Festivus in July – The Airing of Grievances, but I took several chances with this guy that were super out of character for me so it probably deserves some more attention.  Plus, it’s been a long, long time coming.  Pour yourself some wine, cuz we are both gonna need it, and tuck in cuz this is a long one!

Where to start, where to start…….

————————————————-Rewind 9 Years———————————————-

It might not be quite 9 years ago that I first saw the Sig, but at some point I saw him at college, and decided he would be mine.  Ya know in The Notebook when Noah first sees Allie and just like decides she’s gonna be his??  I was sorta like that with the Sig, except that I never worked up enough courage to do anything about it.  I’m not sure that we ever even spoke when I was in school!!  I would see him often, particularly junior and senior year because….I partied at his fraternity more and he used to walk past my apartment to get to campus.

Those were always the best days!!  The Sig, in his baseball cap, nice jeans, and boots…..and me……gawking and drinking my coffee while being all girly crush like on the inside.

Actually speaking to the Sig was my personal equivilant of hanging off a ferris wheel.....so obviously I never did it. Which I think says a lot about my level of verbal self control while drunk!

Actually speaking to the Sig was my personal equivalent of hanging off a ferris wheel…..so obviously I never did it…..which I think says a lot about my level of verbal self control while drunk!  Sober thoughts are not drunk actions for this chica!

The high point of my non existent relationship with the Sig was one night during a blizzard.  I had just been dumped and I was over hanging with the girls.  They decided that the key to fixing my problems was a night of drinking at the frat, so we walked the 2-3 blocks down to the house in cute clothes….cuz ya know the Sig lived there!  To celebrate the snow, the guys had put a couch on skis and were pulling it around the deserted, snow covered streets with a 4-wheeler.  So obviously, we spent most of the night getting covered in snow, whipping shitties through the streets and parking lots on campus.

I imagine when we got back to the house the three of us looked a bit like drowned rats.  I know for a fact that I had eyeliner and mascara running all down my face……super attractive I know!  The guys did eventually take pity on us and let us change into dry clothes…….and you’ll never guess who’s clothes I got!  Haha although I don’t think he spoke to me, and if he did I was so awe struck with the possibility of wearing his sweatpants that I have no idea what he might have said.

If you're gonna do slightly dangerous things, it's best to do them with a Ref and a Traffic Cone. Safety First!!!! For some reason that night we were missing a cone......

If you’re gonna do slightly dangerous things, it’s best to do them with a Ref and a Traffic Cone.
Safety First!!!!
For some reason that snowy night, we were missing a cone……

After the Great Sweatpant Incident, I had no other personal interactions with the Sig until well after graduation.  Yes, I saw him around, but I never got that close to speaking to him again.  He always looked crabby at the parties I saw him at, and it didn’t really encourage interaction.  I have since discovered that the reason he always looked annoyed at parties was because he was always sober.  Kudos to you sir for living in a frat and not drinking!  He decided that school was for school and not for partying, and that’s certainly a commitment I didn’t make.

———————————————-Flash to Summer 2013———————————————–

I was in the hills being a wedding date for my then boyfriend, and who should walk in, but the Sig!  Ugh, I literally could have died.  I was having a shit time at the wedding, the boyfriend was being a huge assface that night, but then in he walked in those fancy jeans, those same boots, and a white button down with perfectly rolled sleeves.

……………hold on please, I’m having an epic flashback…………..

Here's a very blurry picture of a slightly tipsy me at the wedding before I stumbled into the Sig and his glorious country boy goodness.

Here’s a very blurry picture of a slightly tipsy me at the wedding before I stumbled into the Sig and his glorious country boy goodness.

I may have gone as far as telling the boyfriend that I would leave him for the Sig in a heartbeat.  To further enhance the drunk, wedding awkwardness……I most def walked past the Sig, whilst taking off my heels, and just said “Hey, I think I know you?!?!?”……AND JUST KEPT WALKING!!  I’m sure if he did recognize me he thought I was a complete nut job.  He did show up at the post reception party at the only bar in Keystone, and I had to spend the rest of the evening watching him play pool and drink beer while I kept getting abandoned by the boyfriend and subsequently adopted by his best friend.  It wasn’t the best time ever, and that relationship with the boyfriend should have probably ended that weekend.  It didn’t, but that’s a whole different story.

Also, this pic is giving me serious envy of dark haired me…..bring on the fall please!  If anyone has any fall time hair suggestions, lay them on me!


———————————————–Flash to Winter 2014————————————————

I don’t really recall the series of events that inspired me to send the Sig a random, outta the blue Facebook message, but for some reason I thought it would be a good idea.  Because I can’t handle that sorta pressure on my own, I most def wrote the message and then sent it to all of my friends for approval before I sent it to him.  I finally sent the Sig the message the night before I was headed out to the Hills for several days over New Years.  I then proceeded to lie on my bedroom floor while my friends sent me Facebook messages to make my cellphone chime and send me into full on panic attacks!!  

Hey, So I get that this is totally random…but….I’ve had a crush on you forever, and decided that it’s a new year and I should maybe do something about it!?!?! Anyway, I’ll be running around this weekend in the hills. Let me know if you’re up for drinks.

And then…..he wrote back!

You had best believe that I didn’t read that message right away.  There might have been a shot involved….ya know……to better deal with the potential let down that could have occurred.

But, he didn’t let me down!!!!  

It was agreed that we would meet up New Year’s Eve in Deadwood, because we were both going to be there already.  Actually, he didn’t notice us standing in the bar, and I was being a stubborn brat and ignoring him.  By this point I figured that I had maybe put in enough effort to find him, and I didn’t want to give off the “lost puppy” vibe.  So, I wouldn’t have even talked to him except that Lil B went bounding on over and asked if he was looking for me.  I’m sorta glad she did, cuz approximately 5 minutes later, I got a midnight kiss that rivaled even the best romance movie.

We actually ended up hanging out a few more times that weekend, and he did eventually figure out that I had been the “girl in the purple lace dress” at the wedding.  It really sorta felt like everything might actually work out for me on this one, and Chan even started writing the story we would tell our kids and grandkids about how we first met, and our perfect first kiss.  We may have also discussed a wedding reception complete with a first dance song…..because Chan and I are nothing if not hopelessly romantic at heart.  Plus, I was snowed in at her house Superbowl weekend, and it was a topic that needed to be covered.

———————————————-Flash to the Present————————————————

…….and then I had to come back home from the Hills, and it all sorta just went up in flames.  But, it wasn’t a quick burn like pulling off a bandaide and moving on with your life.  It was a long, slow, smolder-y burn that always left just enough hope that everything might end up ok.

It was always sorta ok, until it wasn’t……

It was ok until he started driving to see me, got halfway here, and turned around………

It was ok until I was out there twice, and he was way too cool to come see me……….

It was ok until it had been 8 months and it started to feel like I was acting like a “lost puppy”………..

It was ok until the day I told him I wanted to see him, and he went on a rant about priorities………

It’s ok though, because at the end of the day life goes on, and I learned something about myself.  I learned that I really enjoy red dirt country, and that sometimes I can be brave and do the things that are out of character me.

After nearly a decade, it was totally worth sending the Sig that Facebook message if only to say that I took the chance.  His favorite quote of the weekend we hung out was, “If I’d known you liked me I would have done this a long time ago.”  Well, here’s the thing sir…..you didn’t….I did!  Even though it didn’t work out, I’m glad I took the chance, atleast now I know that Randy Rodger’s Band and Reckless Kelly are my new country jamz!

I will probably never tell our grandkids about how we first met, our perfect first kiss, or dance to Randy Rodgers at our wedding.  Other than the fact that it ruins Chan’s epic story, it’s ok.  The one weekend and 7 months of texting was enough.  Sometimes it’s better to leave people the way you imagine them to be.

The Nonblog Blog Week

So….I didn’t write a blog this week.  Scratch that, I did write a blog, but I’m not going to publish it yet.

I wrote a new chapter, because I know you’ve all been dying to read about all the crazy men I find.  However, due to the death of a college acquaintance, it just didn’t feel right to post it.  I know that it probably doesn’t matter in the long term, the guy probably doesn’t read the blog, and it wouldn’t matter anyway, but I just figured I’d be better safe than sorry.

So….plus side, next week you’ll get two posts!  A new chapter and a new DIY!  (I would have posted the DIY this week because I worked on it all last weekend, but I didn’t get the project totally done, therefore I don’t have finished product pictures to share…. :/)

I have no idea what I’ve done with myself all week, but it feels like I’ve been super non-productive!  ummm so yea…..that’s sorta all she wrote for the week.  I just don’t want to get out of my weekly habit!

The People Who Think They Know Me, What Exactly Do You Think You Know?

I’m not saying that I like everyone or that everyone has to like me…..haters gonna hate after all.  I just think that if you’re going to hate on me you should at least know what you’re hating.

Do me a solid, and the next time you meet someone, invest time into getting to know them.  Not just the normal things, but the things that really make that person who they are.  It’s the quirky things we all do who make us who we are.  Everyone has a story, maybe we should all work harder at getting to know everyone’s stories…….

Did you know that…….

  • I check the Humane Society website every week, and it gives me all the sad feels because I know I can’t save all the dogs?
  • rarely, do I feel like I’m accomplishing anything with my life?
  • when I get ready every day I turn on Pandora and have a dance party in my bathroom while Scout silently judges me and waits for her dose of coconut oil?
  • I never thought I could be this strong until I was forced to be?
  • when I’m sad or depressed I cook mountains of food and then just put it all in the fridge?
  • I keep a picture of my grandparents in my closet to remind me to stay humble and appreciate things?
  • I will be your best friend or your worst enemy, the choice is up to you, and how you treat me?
  • I don’t know that I’ll ever be one of those girls who feel confident in her own skin?
  • I get oddly hyper and excited about the most random things?
  • when you judge me for not wanting kids, I have very real reasons and emotions that effect the way I feel about it?
  • even though I have really bad hand/eye coordination, I tend to get lucky wins when I play darts?
  • every time I go for a run, I pray that it will be the run that makes me enjoy running….it never is?
  • underneath the RBF and the makeup I actually really self-conscious, insecure, and never feel good enough?
  • I’m obsessed with Christmas decorations because I feel like they make everything feel homier?
  • sometimes, even with a college degree, half a master’s, and a salary I still feel like I live paycheck to paycheck?
  • for all my whining, I know that I’m exceedingly blessed to be where I am?
  • I’m ok on my own, but sometimes it would be nice to have someone to go grocery shopping with?
  • I’d rather sit around home and watch a movie than go out anymore?
  • sometimes, all I want is to get dressed up, put on fake eyelashes, and go out?
  • I have really absurd life plans….opening a strip club/burlesque bar anyone?
  • I hate trying new things around new people? Old things with new people, or new things with my people!
  • I always assume I’m the problem?
  • I’d rather have my ride or die friends than a bunch of people I just “kinda sorta” know?
  • I’m a feminist, but I like my relationships a bit old school?
  • I sat through my Dad’s funeral and burial and didn’t cry, but I’ll cry over the stupidest, most insignificant, unimportant things?
  • I don’t have any one hobby that I’m committed to, I like to try things for a while, then I get bored and move on?
  • I always fall way too hard and too fast for all the wrong people?
  • I only like peanut butter when it’s melted on hot toast?
  • I’m still convinced that life can be like a RomCom….even though experience has taught me it’s not true?
  • I believe that small gestures mean more than huge displays?
  • I could be perfectly happy watching the same dozen or so movies all the time….do you know what they are?
  • some days I miss dancing and swimming more than I can say?
  • I get really obsessed with new things once I learn them?
  • sometimes, I just wish a guy would love me the way guys love girls in country songs.
  • I try and view everything as an opportunity to grow, even when it feels like everything is going wrong?

Blue Jean Blues, Fake Flannel, and a Graduation Goal


Why, why, why, must buying blue jeans be one of life’s greatest mysteries?  I don’t understand why guys can walk in anywhere, grab a pair of jeans, and everything is fine.  With all of our scientific and technological advances, you’d think we could transfer that “magic” to women’s jeans!?  Even if you think you know what you want…..nothing will ever fit you like you think it should.

I’m size mouse at Gap, and size walrus as H&M. Make up your *$% damn minds!”

On a side note….go watch all of Matt Bellassi’s Whine About It videos. They are hilarious. He’s like my gay, drunk spirit animal! He totally understands my feelings on life!

Last night, Momma and I tried on 9 pairs of jeans between us.  All of the jean styles I ordered I have previously worn….do you think that any of them fit……well….yes and no.  Yes, they all technically fit, but for some reason The Buckle decided to change their denim blend to that lovely early 2000’s super stretch!  Ugh, high school me would have been super amped, adult me is sorta less enthused.  Momma ended up with a couple new pairs, most of her’s were ruled out due to length, although one horrible pair was way too big, bad, and bulky in the hip area.

This week I also ordered an oversized flannel hoodie off the interwebs.  I was super excited until I received it, and realized it was an awful polyester/acrylic blend.  Ugh…..that’s not what flannel is!  Flannel is supposed to be soft….and glorious…..and warm…..and make you want to curl up with cider, in your boots, on a crispy fall day.  This on the other hand is sorta itchy, feels waxy, isn’t all that warm, and if I kept it would most likely hang ignored in my closet.  Luckily, Momma came to the rescue measuring and sketching a pattern.  Then she did find an actual pattern for a pajama shirt that is actually the same size.  It will need some slight modifications, but I think it will do the trick very nicely.  Momma rescue for the win!!  

Sex and the City taught us many things….I should have remembered this life lesson!

Yesterday, on the drive down to Momma’s, I decided that when I graduate with my Master’s I’m going to buy myself a boat.  The family that bought our Sea Jet has her out at the marina, in a slip, and they appear to be spending lots of time out on her.  Which makes me happy, but also super jealous.  So, to deal with this I’m going to buy myself a new Sunfish.  Graduation will be the perfect time too…..just in time for summertime funtime!  Time to commence a more stringent budget I guess……