The Goings On

For the past month or so I’ve been chronically sick.  What seemed to start off as a chest cold morphed into what I thought was allergies over the course of like 4-5 weeks.  Last Friday, when I woke up and felt like I had a 100lb weight on my chest again, I finally decided to go to the doctor.  I pay a ton of money every month for health insurance, but I never just go to the doctor.  However, when feeling like crap had started to become my new normal I decided I had had enough.

A couple blood tests and one hour later turns out I have a “moderate to severe” case of walking pneumonia.  I finished up my meds today, and I have to say I’m not sure that I’m feeling better.  Don’t get me wrong, I feel WAY better than I did, but I still feel like I have crap in my chest.  I’m not sure how good someone is supposed to feel once the meds are finished.  This is probably do to the fact that I never go to the doctor and get meds to begin with.  I did however manage to get through two of my normal workouts at the gym this week, and last night I slept all night without the help of NyQuil….so I’m hopeful that things are looking up!


You know you’re sick when you are coughing so hard you wake up out of the NyQuil coma and lay in bed watching the Corpse Bride on Netflix while your fingers tingle. Side note, I love Dennis Leary!

In more exciting news, I ordered myself a new pair of ‘nerdy chic’ glasses.  In related buzzkill news….they were supposed to arrive Saturday AND ARE STILL NOT HERE!!!!!!  I have about as much patience as a toddler on Christmas in these sort of situations.  To make matters worse, according to the tracking website there were supposed to have been delivered yesterday……I just want my new glasses!!!!!  I keep planning epic outfits to go with my new glasses and they keep being wasted on the fact that the glasses aren’t here!!!

I got “dumped” this week, so I have a new dating story to share, and hopefully I’ll get that written up next week before I head out to the hills on a mini vacation.  Actually, the mini vacation was partially the asshole’s doing, but check yourself before you wreck yourself if you think I’m gonna let some random douche canoe’s assholishness ruin my epic plans with friends!

This just made my life and totally fixed my week!  Mostly because I was unaware that anyone other than my Chanchan called anyone a Douche canoe!  My heart is so happy now!!

This just made my life and totally fixed my week! Mostly because I was unaware that anyone other than my Chanchan called anyone a douche canoe! My heart is so happy now!!

That’s sorta all I’ve got.  It’s been a bit of a blah week and for sure not the best week I’ve had.  Like everything, it could always be worse, and everything will sort itself out and get better.

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