The Stuff of Sunday Mornings

This is the first weekend I’ve spent at home in quite some time.  I’m not sure I could tell you when I last spent a Saturday and Sunday at my house.  You would think that with the massive list of projects and things I’m supposed to be doing I would have hit the ground running this weekend, but you’d be wrong.

Here’s what I was supposed to get done this weekend…..

  • Shopping
  • Bridal Shower
  • Homework
  • Test prep
  • Hang light fixture in hallway
  • Clean the house
  • Christmas presents

Here’s what I actually did…….or might get done……

  • Shopping
  • Wine drinking and banana cream pie eating
  • Bridal Shower road trip with bestie
  • Attempting to not body check the slow moving masses at Hobby Lobby
  • Homework
  • Dog Walk
  • Eggplant Parmesan
  • Hours of Hulu while making a necklace and bumming with the dog
  • Pass up going out drinking with Bestie because we were both too lazy to get dressed….#thestruggleisreal
  • Stood up for a date (maybe that’s not the right term, but it was sorta planned and he like double booked me….)
  • Coffee Drinking
  • Blog
  • …..test prep…..need to motivate
  • …..light fixture…..maybe
  • …..shower……debatable although should be done
  • …..wash make up brushes….possibility
  • …..plan Thanksgiving dinner……need to get on that shiz!

I know we all think that time moves too quickly, and I know that you only get one life and you should live it, but sometimes living it up is exhausting!  I really should get motivated for the day….ya know…the stuff on the list.  Take a shower, wash my makeup brushes, finish my test prep, clean my house…..ugh it all just seems like such a struggle.  Is this just part of being an adult?  Where all we want is to drink coffee on the couch with our dogs, but meanwhile the world around us is just piling up a list of “important” things we are supposed to be doing!?

I just want to Netflix and Craft….is that too much to ask!?!?!?

I think mostly I’m just over being in school and I would like to move onto the festive Christmas spirit.  The spirit has been a bit squashed due to the fact that Menards is no longer carrying their super amazeballs garland.  I need more of that garland!!!  I’ve got a house to decorate now…..and houses need garland!  Speaking of garland, when is an appropriate time to start decorating?  Last year I had all the plain garlands up for Thanksgiving……I just feel like they make the house feel cozier.  Maybe it’s a bit different because most of my garlands are just plain with pine cones and like cinnamin sticks.  Nice, but they don’t like scream Christmas in like a Grizwald sorta way.

I love me some Christmas lights....but you can for sure go too far.

I love me some Christmas lights….but you can for sure go too far.

Well….I have more I could write about, I should fill you all in on my trip to the Hills, but we all know the to do list isn’t going to wait.  Shower time for me, and a better blog coming next week!

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