Murphy’s Law : A Study of Maximizing the Adulting Power Within You

Some weeks, you get to party and drink beer.  Other weeks, you have to put on your big girl pants and power through some extreme adulting activities.  The past couple weeks, basically all week long, has been heavy duty adult activities….and they are exhausting.  I’m not sure how people do it day in and day out honestly, because I feel like I need a vacation from my life.

Let’s start with the biggest and most adulty of my jobs………Fixing My Dead Furnace 

My house was built in 2011.  Since the house is so new, it seemed unlikely that my furnace should have been having issues, but oh did it have issues.  I’m not sure that I could pin point the exact day that the problems started, but I know that I started trying to fix them last Tuesday.

As a somewhat slacky adult, when my furnace started to get….temperamental….I assumed I had just waited too long to change the filter.  So I swapped out the old filter, put new batteries in the thermostat, and was all ready to reward myself for my awesome pro-fixer skills.  However, that didn’t exactly work.  All week my house never got warmer than 64 degrees….it never got much colder than that, but I just couldn’t get it to warm up.  Except Thursday……..for some mystical reason, Thursday everything worked perfectly.  Friday was a different story.  I was up most of the night making sure that the furnace did kick on and that the house didn’t get too cold.  OF COURSE THIS HAD TO HAPPEN ON THE COLDEST DAYS OF THE YEAR!!!!  

Based on the events of the week, I had decided that all I needed was a new thermostat.  Clearly…..the furnace was running since it was basically always 64 degrees.  The thermostat was obviously just not telling the furnace to turn on.  Makes sense right?!?!  Since I also recently got a new iPhone that actually functions like a phone, I decided that I would buy a Nest thermostat.  They are quite expensive, but you can monitor conditions from your phone, and they are supposed to help you save money on your utility bills.  So……Saturday morning, Scout and I drove over to Lowe’s to pick up the new thermostat.  It was super easy to install, and it’s super cute!


Look at all the cuteness!!!  And… lights up when you walk past!!!! 🙂

Once again, I was ready to celebrate my victory over the furnace, however once again I was wrong.  I spent most of Saturday swinging the emotional spectrum of hopefulness every time the furnace kicked on to near tears when I somehow managed to kill all the electricity to my loft.  I did manage to restore power to the loft, so that small crisis was averted.  In between the mood swings I called an HVAC company…..who told me to call Nest.  I spent an hour on the phone with Nest tech support while they attempted to figure out if I had a power sharing issue or a furnace issue.

During my time on the phone with Nest, I learned a couple things

  • No one who isn’t a native South Dakotan knows how to properly pronounce Pierre, and they are amazed we all already know there is a river there
  • Furnace issues seem to take a lifetime to resolve
  • People from Texas equate loosing heat in a SoDak winter tobloosing AC in a Texas summer.  While I can appreciate the crappiness that would be a Texas summer without AC, loosing heat on a day where the high temperature was 3 degrees above zero is a whole different can of worms!  I’m still not sure he understands that it was less about my physical self being cold, and more about the potential need for a HVAC tech and a plumber if my pipes had frozen!

Do you see that outside temp?!?!  Bring on the cold people!

I did eventually get the furnace fixed after another call back to the HVAC company and a hefty bill for a weekend repair call.  I even made it down to Momma’s in time for dinner with my cousins and fam!  The moral of this story kids……just give up hope that you can fix the problem and call the HVAC company…..during the week….so you avoid the extra charges.

Moving down the ladder of difficult adult activities……HOA Board Member Meeting

For some reason this fall, I decided that I should embrace some adulting.  I’m not sure what exactly inspired this need to boost my responsibilities, but I volunteered myself to be a member on the board of my HOA.  Honestly, no one in the association knows me, so I’m a little shocked that I even ended up being voted in.  There were several of us up for election, and somehow I’m who made the cut.  Earlier this week we had our first meeting, and once again….I discovered some things.

  • I’m what rounds to half the age of all the other 6 board members
  • If you want to be part of the drama in the association, you need to live in the middle not on the end
  • Doesn’t matter how much you think you suck at adulting….atleast you’re not the guy who drove through his garage door!  ……yes this is an actual thing that happened somewhere in my association!
  • My outdoor Christmas decorations were a big hit around the association…..score one for Momma MisHappenings!

The meeting took two hours, most of which was just random gossip and drawing conclusions about new insurance quotes we have yet to receive.  After the meeting, I picked up dog food and ice cream…..because Scout’s gotta eat, and I deserved a treat!  Yay for small victories in adulting.

The final struggle……Vehicle Registration

Last year, I waited till the absolute last minute to register my vehicle.  I actually ended up putting the new stickers on my car late.  I know I was late because I put them on after the Super Bowl.  I don’t pay a ton of attention to football, but I’m pretty sure the Super Bowl is in February….and my car is supposed to have new stickers by January 31st…..OOOPSY

This year I did manage to get registration done…..10 whole days early!  I no longer live where the county offices are, so this involved taking an hour or so off work yesterday.  For me it doesn’t really matter, but not everyone can just scamper away from work because they all the sudden remember that vehicle registration needs to be done.  I really think that they should stay open late like one night a week.  I mean I know they are all government employees, but honestly…..some of us have less cushy jobs!  It wouldn’t normally be awful, but we all had to get new actual license plates this year.  I’ve now lost the only license number I’ve ever had!  Those old plates had seen me through all my cars, high school, college, buying a new home, and nearly a masters.

True to form, I bought the plates and put the stickers on, but I have yet to put them on the car.  Meh…..I’ve got 10 days!



What’s In My Makeup Bag?!

Since I was recently in the Hills with the girls, and we spent a lot of time talking about makeup….I’m sure the boys were thrilled…..I decided I’d write up a “What’s in my Makeup Bag” post.  Granted, makeup is not a one size fits all situation, and everyone has their specific things, but it just seemed like something fun to write.  I have really oily skin.  It isn’t really what I’d call sensitive, but I am prone to breakouts.  These are the tips, tricks, and products that work well for me.  They probably wouldn’t work well if you have dry skin, but that’s why small pieces of heaven like Sephora and Ulta exist, so everyone can get what they need for their skin type.



Here they are….in all their dirty, sorta worn out glory!


I know that everyone says that using good brushes is key.  I mean the best foundation in the world will still look like butt if you paint it on with your fingers.  Last year I wrote that I was going to try being responsible and save up money for new makeup brushes.  Welp, I didn’t!  So, most of my brushes are very old and not high quality.  I have:

  • A set of 3 eyeshadow brushes I was given when I graduated college
  • A large, poofy fan brush for highlighting from Walmart, I believe the brand is Eco Tools
  • A blush brush I’ve had since high school
  • A Bare Minerals Kabuki brush for foundation and powder
  • A nice eyeliner brush from Sephora for those days when I feel like slicing people with a wing
  • A cheap concealer brush that I use to set my underage concealer
  • A large powder brush I occasionally use to blend out blush and bronzer or apply all over powder if I get too oily
  • A very old eyeliner brush that I use to fill in my brows.

All in all, it’s sorta a sad situation.  However, they work, and I’ll maybe make more of an effort to start collecting some nicer brushes.  All my girl friends have nice brushes in nice brush rolls, and it makes me a bit jelly honestly!

Face Prep

I use my Clarisonic Mia at night with the acne brush head and the Peter Thomas Roth 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Acne Wash, and then I moisturize with Burt’s Bees Sensitive Lotion.  If I’m feeling old I might throw on my Bliss Fabulous Everyday Eye Cream, but generally I forget.  When the winter weather starts getting particularly harsh, I’ll add couple drops of Josie Maran Argan Oil to my nightly moisturizer.  I know it sounds super counter-intuitive for oily, acne prone skin, but trust me….happily oiled and moisturized skin is much better for your acne.  I’ve been using the same skin care routine for a couple years now, and my skin is so much better than it used to be.

In the mornings I just wash my face with a dime sized amount of coconut oil.  This makes Scout super happy because she gets a little glob of oil to get her day started.  She has bad joints and it’s supposed to help….idk, but she likes it and it’s part of our morning routine now so that’s that.  In the winter I will throw a small amount of the Burt’s Bees lotion under my makeup because SoDak winters can be brutal on your skin.  In the summer though I find that the coconut oil does enough.


“Eskewz me, I iz here for my morning morsel….k thankz!”

I have a few different face masks, but my all time favorite is GlamGlow Super Mud Clearing Treatment.  It’s expensive!!!….but, it’s tough enough to clear up acne spots, but gentle enough that it doesn’t stress out my skin. It’s a must have for me!  I try and use it once a week, but I sometimes get lazy.  I also have the GlamGlow eye masks.  I’ve tried other GlamGlow masks and they are all very good, any would be a good choice depending on your skin.    If I get a particularly tenacious breakout, I’ll use the Burt’s Bees Herbal Blemish Stick on it and that really dries them out and clears them up quickly.

Makeup: The Base

These are the products I use everyday!  I have some different things that I will use occasionally, but these are my ride or dies and the things that I always repurchase.  These form the base that all the rest of my “fun” makeup goes on top of!  I’ve listed them in the order I use them in the mornings, after I’ve washed my face.

Concealer – Bare Minerals Correcting Concealer in Light 1

Foundation – Bare Minerals Mineral Foundation in Fairly Light or Medium Beige

Powder – Bare Minerals Original Powder (Just over the T-Zone)

Under Eye Concealer/Highlight – Garnier Clearly Brighter Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller

Setting Powder – Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent (For setting under eyes or taking down oil over the whole face at the end of the day.)

Brows – Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in Dark Brown

Bronzer/Contour – Rimmel London Natural Bronzer in Sun Light

Blush – Nars Orgasm

Highlight – Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer in Tiki (I know its a “bronzer” but it has no color really only highlight.  I would never use it as a bronzer….you’d be covered in shimmer.)  I also have Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light.  I’ll occasionally use it as a highlighter or a more all over powder if I feel like I need a special boost.  They seem super hokey until you put them on, and then it’s just like a Ta-Da moment!  They are also a good choice for oily skin as they aren’t super shimmery.  If I wear a straight up highlighter, like a Becca Champange Pop, I sorta look like I’ve rubbing my face on a stripper within 20 minutes.  I just get way too much shine going on!!

Mascara – Maybelline’s Volume Express: The Falsies Flared and Volume Express: The Mega Plush, both in blackest black. (I have baby eyelashes so I wear multiple coats of both….EVERYDAY!)

Eyeshadow Primer – Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original or Sin….just depends what tube I grab.

Setting Spray – Urban Decay All-Nighter or De-Slick…I can’t really tell a difference between them, but I do think they help my makeup stay where I put it.

Makeup: The Fun

Ahhhh the fun stuff.  These are the products I love, but they change everyday.  Eyeshadows, lip glosses, eyeliner….these really “make the look”!

Eyeshadows – I own mostly all Urban Decay shadows.  They just seem to work for me better than most other brands.  I own the Naked 2 palette and the new Gwen Stefani palette.  I also got a free mini palette of purpley gray neutrals.  Between those three, I feel pretty much set…..for now…..  I tend to stick to a pretty neutral eye, but it’s almost always smoked out and dark.

Lip Products – I don’t think you can ever have enough lip products.  A different lip can change the whole look of you makeup!  I’ll just list off my current favs, but I own plenty more beyond this list!

  • OCC Lip Tar in Interlace
  • Gerard Cosmetics Lip Stick in 1995
  • Urban Decay Revolution Lip Gloss in Apocalypse
  • Fresh Sugar Lip Balm—-sometimes you need a natural look
  • Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Melted Chihuahua (I didn’t pick the name!)
  • Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in Samantha—perfect to add gloss and some plump over any other lip product

Liners – My go to liner is Sephora brand Nano Eyeliner pencil in black.  I’ve also really been loving the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils.  They seem to stay on my oily face longer than the Sephora one, even if I don’t use a primer under them.  I have two that came as samples, one is a dark gold and the other is a dark-gray purple.  Once my current black liner runs out I’ll be buying a black 24/7 Glide On pencil.  I seem to be sensing an Urban Decay trend in my makeup!


Some man designed my bathroom…..not enough room!!



A New Year with the Bear Cubs

Well here we are kids, the first blog of the new year!  I feel like I should have some sort of deep, philosophical wisdom to impart, but I don’t really.  I’m not usually one for setting resolutions  Personally I think they just lead to disappointment.  So, this is my new mantra….


I did spend an awesome New Year’s weekend out in the hills with most of my favorite girls.  I stayed out in a cabin with my Chem Smarty Pants and The Boys…..and the bear cubs……fucking bear cubs ruining our groove!  I know that you’re probably thinking to yourself, “I love bear cubs!  They are adorable, and I just want to squeeze them!”  I have those same feelings about actual bear cubs.  These however, were not regular, cute bear cubs.  These were annoying, basement room stealing, underage so no you may not come to the bars with us, semi weird, and demanding bear cubs.

The saga begins with The Cubs and The Boys car pooling to the Hills from Nebraska.  Now, unbeknownst to everyone else, the Bear Cubs had to go back to Nebraska a day early…..they knew…..AND JUST DIDN’T TELL ANYONE!  So there we all are, having a grand time, and it had to get cut short because of the cubs. To add extra annoyance to the situation, the cubs didn’t help us clean up at all.  They basically cleaned up their little basement cave, came upstairs, sat on the couch, and watched everyone else work.    This cause Lil B and I to have to run a reconnaissance mission for half a pan of lasagna and some snacks because our group lunch trip to Lewie’s threw off their cleaning groove.  Youths…..I’m telling ya!


These sassy cubs at least fake taking out the garbage!

However, we all still had an amazeballs time and the bear cubs aren’t gonna ruin that.  I got to go to dinner with my Lil B and her family Saturday night, and I attempted to teach her littlest to play tic tac toe……it went…..decently haha.  Saturday night I spent in Rapid with my Sexy Russian and her fiancee, so the weekend was a success.  Actually, it was one of the more successful trips I’ve had out there in a long time.

The other plus side of being in the Hills was that I didn’t see anyone I didn’t want to see and I ate Lewie’s twice….so gym time fun time for me in the new year!

My old phone was mostly on the fritz the whole time I was there, so I didn’t get that many pictures taken.  I did have a new phone waiting for my at Momma’s, but the case hadn’t arrived and I didn’t wanna chance dropping a brand new phone during our shenanigans.


When you’re tall and Paul cuts off your head…..still better than the first picture of just our boobs……boys!

When you’re being tipsy and mysterious behind your phones…’s like modern societies version of the fan.  I know I know….I was keeping it super classy with the PBR, but you’ll also notice that we had lots of water glasses.  With age comes wisdom, and with wisdom comes hangover avoidance strategies!


Ahh the Social Club, always a solid choice!

We have no pictures of the boys, and no pictures of the dancing that took place downstairs.  Just as well honestly, cuz it was sorta a hot, sweaty, crowded mess.

We finally caught a cab back to the cabin around 3, and then proceeded to make pizza, drink champagne, and dance around the kitchen until about 5am!!!  Our New Year’s Eve was really one of those nights that makes you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation!!




Crafty Christmas

Here they are.  All the crafts that I worked on for Christmas presents.  If I got ideas from other places, I’ll post the links with the pictures along with any modifications I made to the pattern.


Ear muff wraps for my Aunt and My Sexy Russian.  They all get decorated a bit differently, and this year I discovered a new way to make the pattern!

These ear muffs are my own pattern!!  If you’d like a tutorial about them I can do that, I’m just not sure if anyone would be interested.  I, by no means, have pro level knitting skills, but I can get some basic things done.


Some custom scrap booking pics with hand cut glitter swirls for my Sister of our beloved, and most ideal dog Whisper. (There are dots all around the frame, the photo is just weird apparently :/)


Runaway Fringe Scarf sans fringe for my Momma.  I used three skeins of Knit Collage’s Pixie Dust yarn in Golden Snowflake and size 55 circular needles.  I did the whole pattern except the last 6 rows, mostly because I ran out of yarn due to my larger needle size.  There are also some errors, but the yarn is so randomly chunky you’ll never find them! 🙂 You can purchase the pattern and yarn directly from Knit Collage



Distressed wooden star garland for Momma.  I intended to put these on some actual garland and then gift the whole kit and kaboodle, however I wasn’t really sure were she’d want them so they are just on hangers.  I got the pattern online, however I didn’t glue and staple mine.  I just drilled some extra holes, and they are just stitched together with some craft twine.



Embroidery Hoop Orbs for my Sister.  She embroiders and always seem to like the orbs at home decor stores, so it just seemed to make sense.  I just stained them using General Finishes Gel Stain in Java.  I used the same stain on the Wooden Stars.

photo (2)

Scarf and matching hat for my Sister so she has warm things on her winter adventures.  The scarf and hat were knit in the same pattern, although I didn’t have a size pattern for the hat.  The resulting hat was super large and in charge and has since been deconstructed into a chunky snood scarf.  The hat will be reworked sometime soon!  The pattern for the scarf came from Puhl Soho and is available on their website.  I didn’t have time to order their yarn, so I used Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick on my size 55 circular needles.


Deer antler necklaces with genuine Black Hills bambi sheds!  My gym’s boutique started carrying necklaces like this, but I have no idea who makes them.  I have access to some random deer sheds and decided that I could make my own!  The shed I got had 4 tips, so I have 4 necklaces with varying bead patterns.