Murphy’s Law : A Study of Maximizing the Adulting Power Within You

Some weeks, you get to party and drink beer.  Other weeks, you have to put on your big girl pants and power through some extreme adulting activities.  The past couple weeks, basically all week long, has been heavy duty adult activities….and they are exhausting.  I’m not sure how people do it day in and day out honestly, because I feel like I need a vacation from my life.

Let’s start with the biggest and most adulty of my jobs………Fixing My Dead Furnace 

My house was built in 2011.  Since the house is so new, it seemed unlikely that my furnace should have been having issues, but oh did it have issues.  I’m not sure that I could pin point the exact day that the problems started, but I know that I started trying to fix them last Tuesday.

As a somewhat slacky adult, when my furnace started to get….temperamental….I assumed I had just waited too long to change the filter.  So I swapped out the old filter, put new batteries in the thermostat, and was all ready to reward myself for my awesome pro-fixer skills.  However, that didn’t exactly work.  All week my house never got warmer than 64 degrees….it never got much colder than that, but I just couldn’t get it to warm up.  Except Thursday……..for some mystical reason, Thursday everything worked perfectly.  Friday was a different story.  I was up most of the night making sure that the furnace did kick on and that the house didn’t get too cold.  OF COURSE THIS HAD TO HAPPEN ON THE COLDEST DAYS OF THE YEAR!!!!  

Based on the events of the week, I had decided that all I needed was a new thermostat.  Clearly…..the furnace was running since it was basically always 64 degrees.  The thermostat was obviously just not telling the furnace to turn on.  Makes sense right?!?!  Since I also recently got a new iPhone that actually functions like a phone, I decided that I would buy a Nest thermostat.  They are quite expensive, but you can monitor conditions from your phone, and they are supposed to help you save money on your utility bills.  So……Saturday morning, Scout and I drove over to Lowe’s to pick up the new thermostat.  It was super easy to install, and it’s super cute!


Look at all the cuteness!!!  And… lights up when you walk past!!!! 🙂

Once again, I was ready to celebrate my victory over the furnace, however once again I was wrong.  I spent most of Saturday swinging the emotional spectrum of hopefulness every time the furnace kicked on to near tears when I somehow managed to kill all the electricity to my loft.  I did manage to restore power to the loft, so that small crisis was averted.  In between the mood swings I called an HVAC company…..who told me to call Nest.  I spent an hour on the phone with Nest tech support while they attempted to figure out if I had a power sharing issue or a furnace issue.

During my time on the phone with Nest, I learned a couple things

  • No one who isn’t a native South Dakotan knows how to properly pronounce Pierre, and they are amazed we all already know there is a river there
  • Furnace issues seem to take a lifetime to resolve
  • People from Texas equate loosing heat in a SoDak winter tobloosing AC in a Texas summer.  While I can appreciate the crappiness that would be a Texas summer without AC, loosing heat on a day where the high temperature was 3 degrees above zero is a whole different can of worms!  I’m still not sure he understands that it was less about my physical self being cold, and more about the potential need for a HVAC tech and a plumber if my pipes had frozen!

Do you see that outside temp?!?!  Bring on the cold people!

I did eventually get the furnace fixed after another call back to the HVAC company and a hefty bill for a weekend repair call.  I even made it down to Momma’s in time for dinner with my cousins and fam!  The moral of this story kids……just give up hope that you can fix the problem and call the HVAC company…..during the week….so you avoid the extra charges.

Moving down the ladder of difficult adult activities……HOA Board Member Meeting

For some reason this fall, I decided that I should embrace some adulting.  I’m not sure what exactly inspired this need to boost my responsibilities, but I volunteered myself to be a member on the board of my HOA.  Honestly, no one in the association knows me, so I’m a little shocked that I even ended up being voted in.  There were several of us up for election, and somehow I’m who made the cut.  Earlier this week we had our first meeting, and once again….I discovered some things.

  • I’m what rounds to half the age of all the other 6 board members
  • If you want to be part of the drama in the association, you need to live in the middle not on the end
  • Doesn’t matter how much you think you suck at adulting….atleast you’re not the guy who drove through his garage door!  ……yes this is an actual thing that happened somewhere in my association!
  • My outdoor Christmas decorations were a big hit around the association…..score one for Momma MisHappenings!

The meeting took two hours, most of which was just random gossip and drawing conclusions about new insurance quotes we have yet to receive.  After the meeting, I picked up dog food and ice cream…..because Scout’s gotta eat, and I deserved a treat!  Yay for small victories in adulting.

The final struggle……Vehicle Registration

Last year, I waited till the absolute last minute to register my vehicle.  I actually ended up putting the new stickers on my car late.  I know I was late because I put them on after the Super Bowl.  I don’t pay a ton of attention to football, but I’m pretty sure the Super Bowl is in February….and my car is supposed to have new stickers by January 31st…..OOOPSY

This year I did manage to get registration done…..10 whole days early!  I no longer live where the county offices are, so this involved taking an hour or so off work yesterday.  For me it doesn’t really matter, but not everyone can just scamper away from work because they all the sudden remember that vehicle registration needs to be done.  I really think that they should stay open late like one night a week.  I mean I know they are all government employees, but honestly…..some of us have less cushy jobs!  It wouldn’t normally be awful, but we all had to get new actual license plates this year.  I’ve now lost the only license number I’ve ever had!  Those old plates had seen me through all my cars, high school, college, buying a new home, and nearly a masters.

True to form, I bought the plates and put the stickers on, but I have yet to put them on the car.  Meh…..I’ve got 10 days!



One thought on “Murphy’s Law : A Study of Maximizing the Adulting Power Within You

  1. Tessa, this was a particularly good one.  Probably an expensive one for you, but a couple of good laughs for me.  Thanks.  🙂

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