Chapter 12: The Things You Learn

Since we’ve already covered the fact that I’m an upper twenty something with absurd dating stories….obviously, I’ve dated some winners.  I am however, a firm believer that everything you go through in life molds you into the person you currently are.  You can either become weighed down with your failures, or use them as opportunities to grow.  I choose to grow!  Part of growing means you must dig through the crap trying to find helpful nuggets to truth.  This can be especially difficult after a break up.  Give yourself some time, enjoy some of Ben and Jerry’s fine creations, and when you’re ready, begin the digging.

From every relationship I’ve tried to learn something.  Sometimes they are stupid, sometimes they help other people more than they help me, but there always has to be a good thing.  Some of the relationships were serious, some were not, doesn’t mean you can’t learn.

  • The OG Time really does heal even the deepest of wounds and betrayals.  It’s taken more the a decade, but the OG and I are back on friend terms…..we even occasionally get together for drinks!
  • The Drummer – Your Momma is always right.  I know you don’t want to admit this, but it’s true….just accept it and move on.
  • Tonka Truck Driver – There is a clear, and sometimes not so present difference between Mr. Good Enough for Now and Mr. Right.  Don’t ever think you need to settle, and be grateful for the bullets you dodge in life!
  • The Pot Head – Apparently, you can make pot brownies without actual leaves in your batter?? The things you learn when chemistry and chemical dependence meet.
  • The Ginger – Country boys and city girls don’t mix…….this is wrong. Don’t let other people’s opinions weigh on your relationship.  Especially when those opinions come from the girl your man had previously wanted to date.  Jealousy is a for real thing kids!  If nothing else, remember city girls and country jerks don’t mix!
  • ADD 3Spicy Ramen packets! I don’t eat them, but they became a favorite lunchtime treat for one of my UBS girls!
  • Naked Burrito Guy – You can make eggs in the microwave! I never knew….turns out guys who can’t cook do have some useful kitchen skills.  Making breakfast burritos has never been so quick and easy!
  • The Pole Jumper – Enchiladas…..he’ll make them better than you, but it’s something to work towards!  Trial and error can be delicious…..a slightly sub par enchilada is better than no enchilada at all!
  • The Cliffdiver – Sometimes, giving someone a second chance just isn’t worth the effort.  It doesn’t make you a bad person to say no to people.
  • The Asshole Tinder Cowboy – Cowboys know they are sexy, and they know every girl finds them sexy…..AVOID AT ALL COSTS! 
  • The Frat Boy – It’s always ok to take risks and go after what you want.  You know you tried, even if it doesn’t work out.

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