Princess Scatterbrain

Once again…..I tried all week to get a blog written.  It didn’t really come together the way I wanted it to.  I just felt 800% scatter brained all week.  Couldn’t focus, everything seemed wrong and crappy……..idk it was just strange.


I didn’t really clean anything….I worked out, but the rest is all true!

What I did have this week were random thoughts.  So, I thought I would just compile a small sampling of what goes on in the wonderfully crazy mind of MisHappenings.  The thoughts will be accompanied by funny pictures….because I needed some smiles this week.

Why doesn’t TJ Maxx have any decent shoes in my size ever anymore?!


This could be me, but they don’t have my size!

Is $200 too much for a cleanse?!  Can I even survive a 9 day, pre-vacation cleanse!?


A for effort I suppose


How many seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race are there?!  BRING ON THE QUEENS!




Why is her cheating husband in my office!?!?  This is awkward……where is my escape route!?!? HALP ME!


If someone would like to buy me this mug that would be great!


Is it important that one’s belly button ring matches one’s bikini?!  Also, is it weird if I lay in my backyard where everyone can see me to tan?  Will someone yell at me for this…..fuck it I need a tan!

I need to expand and refresh my wardrobe….but I think I’m going to do it without spending more than $40 on any particular item.


When you think you’ve kept track of you shopping…..and then you get the credit card bill.




Being told to buy something “fun” with my bonus…..BILLS CRAZY WOMEN IT’S GOING TO BILLS CUZ YOU DON’T PAY ME ENOUGH!!!!!!


Real Life + Best Halloween Movie = TRUTHINESS


Is my winter time makeup to white now?!  Am I tan enough for my summer time shade?!  Can I ghetto a face together until I get tanner?!  WHY DOES MY NECK NEVER, EVER TAN!?


Probably can’t avoid a Sephora run for long…..but who would want to avoid that anyway!?


Maternity leave needs to end ASAP because I can’t handle this shit alone!




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