Summertime Survival

I’ve never really been one who feels like your apparel or accessories with make or break your success at any given activity.  Now I know as well as anyone that certain activities need certain apparel.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much money my parents spent on swim suits, caps, googles, leotards and tights for dance, and of course… shoes.  It’s safe to say that I didn’t have the cheapest of hobbies growing up.  However, for most of us gym goers, it’s just become super trendy and important to have the latest and greatest workout gear.

I’m a really firm believer in the fact that an expensive outfit isn’t going to make you run further or lift heavier.  Who wants to spend a million dollars on clothes….and then sweat in them all the time!?  You’re never going to look cute when you’re done, and if you do you’re doing it wrong!

I workout everyday….I understand wanting to look cute and be comfortable while doing so.  The regular luxuries I allow for myself is good pants and quality bras.  No one wants to be squatting in see through pants or bouncing around in a bra that isn’t getting the job done.  However, do you know the difference between a top from Lulu and a random top from……like $40!  I don’t really know what makes a black tank top from Lulu for $50 better than one I can pull off the TJ Maxx rack for $10.  Give me my Maxinista status all day of any day.  Plus cheaper clothes means I can have more clothes, and variety keeps life spicy.  I only have a couple expensive nice bras, because I only do cardio heavy activity a couple times a week.  Rowing and yoga don’t really require that the girls be strapped down to within an inch of their lives.  Plus, Victoria’s Secret has a surprisingly high amount of sales on their sports line, you just have to pay attention.

I did however buy myself something expensive the other day……AND I LOVE IT!  My old freebie water bottle was starting to get moldy up around the gaskets in the lid.  So….I bought myself  S’well bottle.  Truth be told, I was fully expecting this thing to be hype.  I mean, it’s gorgeous colored, but looks are often times deceiving.


This is the color I picked….Super Nova…..and she’s gorgeous!

Let me tell you…..this little baby keeps water cold…..even in a black car on a 100 degree day!  It works great for hot class.  Nothing re-motivates you to towel off/ring out the sweat and keep lifting like actual cold water.  I get that regular old lukewarm water will keep you hydrated….but it just doesn’t offer the same relief.  I went biking the other day and didn’t take my S’well because I didn’t want it to get banged up, and I was severely regretting it.  When you’re hot… water is gross!

So, some facts about my spiffy new accessory…..according to the website it-

  • Keeps drinks cold for 12 hours and hot for 6
  • Outside of bottles don’t condense so you won’t ever loose your grip
  • The 29oz version (the size I bought) HOLDS AN ENTIRE BOTTLE OF WINE!!!!!!!

I don’t know that I’ve ever needed a water bottle to be able to hold a whole bottle of wine, but I don’t think I’m opposed to that sorta thing either.  Double bonus is that since it seals up so tightly and keeps things chilled, it would be perfect for smuggling moscato on to a pool deck.

………not that I do those things…..but you know …….options are always nice…….

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