Maybe Everyone Just Needs to Laugh a Little

It seems to me that everyone has been very on edge lately…..

I’m not going to get into the election, politics are not at all my jam as those who know me best are well acquainted with.  I will say that I think it’s incredibly sad to know that I live in a country that is so divided on so many issues.  I don’t know how we’ve come to reach such a low point, but I do know that this isn’t the America I grew up in, and it hopefully isn’t the America which will continue.

Remembering the Golden Rule would go a long way in repairing relationships.  Just treat everyone with the respect and dignity you’d like to be treated with, regardless of creed, ethnicity, or opinions.

Anyway……enough about all that.  I decided that this week I might just compile pictures, videos,….things that make me giggle.  I think we could all use a break from serious things, and even if it’s just for a few minutes, hopefully these things make you smile.  They aren’t intended to be anything else other than a good laugh.  I’m aware that some of the people have made political videos which you may or may not agree with, but just maybe ignore them for today and instead appreciate them for their abilities to make us laugh and smile.

Giggles never hurt anyone after all!!

“I’ll say it right to his face in cursive, cuz he knows if he comes over I’ll scissor kick his gizzard and break his karate artery!”

—IDK what this means, but it might be my favorite quote ever!


There’s nothing else to say really!

Apologies……this next one is a little heavy on the swearing, and slightly inappropriate….but I find it hilarious…..mostly because of the Tim McGraw section….but you need the rest to have that make sense.

“Don’t….call me Bearclaw…..”

The prayer that every good Catholic child knows….but with a twist….and maybe a stalk of celery!

Please do yourself a huge favor, go to Netflix, and watch all of Ali Wong’s special Baby Cobra!  I could probably watch it everyday and not get sick of it honestly!  I had sorta a tricky time finding a good clip of her that wasn’t blatantly pirated off someone’s TV….but just trust me, you need her in your life!

In honor of Veteran’s Day being last week, I thought I would add a little military flare to the post.  Dogs walking in new boots is never not hilarious to me, and it’s important that we remember and honor all those who work to keep us safe and secure, not just the two legged ones!

If none of these have made you laugh, then IDK there is nothing I can probably do for you to make you smile.  If I haven’t made you smile….then I’ll just leave you with this…..



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