All I Do is Knit, Knit, Knit!!!

So, here I am just slaving away over Christmas still. However, of my massive weekend to do list, I’m only 1 small project away from being done!!! Finally!!  It’s not that I don’t like crafting, I really do! I just have such a problem judging how long things will take that I always start too late and then end up in some sorta weird 12th hour scramble to the finish line. I do this to myself every year, you’d think I would eventually learn…..however that doesn’t seem likely at this point.


Also for point of reference, please see the below video for the correct inflection of the title!

I did however get almost all my presents wrapped today. I hung out at work with my co-worker for a couple hours, and we got everything wrapped. Mostly, we wanted to gossip and use the huge new table in the packing room. Although, it occurred to me on the way home that I wrapped a present but I don’t think I labeled it, nor do I remember where I put it. I’ll have to sort that out in the morning when I get to work. It was too cold to haul everything back out to my car, so everything is just safely tucked away at work.


So much space for activities!!


Here’s the coworker’s pile of presents and me looking like a little potato in the back.  Don’t mind the blob, I had to block out a gift!!

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