New Year, New Things!

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had a safe, festive, and fun New Year’s Eve last night!! I’m waking up hangover free, which I think finally means I’ve learned the correct amount of fun and water that’s required for me to survive the night! Which is saying quite a lot because we started much earlier than I normally would have last night!!

I rang in my last year as a twenty something……it’s a bit strange to think about, but hopefully good things will happen this year!! Lucky 29 is a thing right!?!

It’s a little sore and sensitive, but I’ve officially closed the chapter of my life with the Main Squeeze. Looking back on where I woke up last year at this moment is a little sad to think about, but things seem pretty good from where I’m waking up now!

Normally, I spend New Years in the hills…..this year I decided to spend it in the frozen north with my cousins! The family that schooners together stays together!?



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