I’ve Got a Brand New Bowfriend!

So….do you all remember when I said the other week that I was making a large purchase!?!


Well….I’ve gone and done it!


I’ve wanted a compound bow for quite sometime, so when I got my 5 year anniversary bonus from work I put that money towards a bow.  After trying out a few different makes and models, I settled on a Hoyt Powermax.  I have learned that there is no such thing as a bad bow, you just need to find what feels comfortable and works for you.  I purchased him all set up and ready to go at Dakota Archery.  He was just hanging up on the wall waiting patiently for me.


I’ve only taken him….and yes I call him him, all the time…..out shooting a couple times.  Slowly but surely I’m getting everything set up on him.  I still need to spend some time adjusting the pins on my sight, but I’m shooting fairly consistently and that’s the main thing.  In typical girl fashion I’m maybe overly concerned about everything matching, so I picked up some new grey arrows with lime and white fletchings at the range the other afternoon!  I’ve also added a wrist sling….of course in lime and black!  The next thing will be a case to hold all of my stuff and probably an annual pass to my local range!


Taking the bowfriend out for a little afternoon shooting date!


Ignore the death grip….the sling should help that a bit….and practice.

















This kids…..is why you keep your elbows relaxed.  The bow will tell you if you’ve got bad form!  Maybe should add an arm guard to the “To Purchase” list?!



















I’m glad that I’ve gotten back into archery, and that I’ve got a hobby I can put some time and energy into.  Sounds weird, but it’s oddly therapeutic to go fire some arrows down range.  It’s probably calming because you have to settle your breathing and focus, but it’s easy to block out the world and just focus on the target.  A couple hours pass pretty quickly.  Plus, once it warms up there are plenty of outdoor ranges and small local competitions to attend.  I’ve already got one scheduled with some friends…..so I guess I better get to practicing!










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