I’ve Got A Brand New Blog

I was asked to start writing a science blog for work.  I’m not sure how much interest there will be, or how interested any of my current readers might be in this info, but I thought I might start sharing them here as well.

A few fun facts and some science knowledge never hurt anyone after all!  Currently, the plan is that I’ll post for work weekly.  That might taper off, but we have some events coming up and we wanted to drum up some interest and talking points with some customers before the events.  I will also be keeping up on my “personal” blog posts….which I have been bad about but hopefully all of this extra blogging will keep me on a schedule!

So….without further ado….I present my new blogging topic–

Common Calibration Conundrums and Other Laboratory Queries


I’m coming at you to discuss some common science questions and issues I get asked in the lab frequently.  I thought I would start with a little mini-series on calibration issues, and then hopefully we can move on to other issues and questions you face in the lab on a daily basis.

If there is a specific topic or question you liked me to address, just leave a comment on this post and I’ll get back to you!

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Part 1: When to Calibrate

You should calibrate as often as practically feasible for your laboratory process and timelines!  It will not hurt your instruments to calibrate them too often, but it will hurt your results if you do not calibrate often enough.

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I know you might think that calibrating often is a waste of time…….and you’re busy…and the plant operators want their results…and the results seem fine so you’ll just ignore recalibrating your instruments until something bad happens.

Just take a minute and think about all the parameters around your instruments that change….even weekly.

Did you consider factors like-

  • Did you change mobile phase?
  • Standards will gradually degrade over time.
  • Wear and tear on the instrument components themselves

Even one of those small changes can compound and lead to catastrophic effects on your results over time.

Calibrating an instrument is a bit like potty training a new puppy.  Puppies only know what you tell them.  Imagine you tell the puppy one day to go outside.  The puppy might remember that knowledge for a day….maybe two.  Eventually, if you don’t remind the puppy what good behavior is, that puppy is going to forget.  When that happens, you’re going to come home to a disaster zone!!

Instruments only know what area counts corresponds to want concentration because you tell them….with standards and a calibration curve!  The instrument might be able to hold onto that curve and that knowledge for a day….or two, but eventually it’s going to drift too far to be accurate.  When that happens you wouldn’t be able to supply anyone with valid data, and you’ll end up behind a backlog of samples trying to figure out where it all went wrong.

I’ll be covering more about calibration data in the next couple posts so be sure to keep an eye out for those!  In the meantime, if you have any specific questions or you would like me to cover another lab related issue you find yourself facing, don’t hesitate to contact me about it!


Someone’s Getting Married!

….It’s not me, no one freak out!

One of my favorite girls is getting married today!  It’s been a pretty busy week of cake baking with Bitch Faced Bestie, wine drinking, and general work stresses.  Also my computer crashed last night.  It spent the night trying to reset itself, but still hasn’t become a computer again so I don’t think the odds are going in my favor….

To celebrate the upcoming  nuptials, the bride’s sister requested that we all write her notes to be given to her at the bachelorette party.  The notes could be advice, a story…..really whatever we wanted.  Since I obviously have no marital advice to offer, I wrote the best letter I could.  It’s a bit naughty….ok kinda sorta a lot naughty, but remember that is was written to be funny and read at a fellow twenty something’s bachelorette party!  Posting it here seems like a great way to kick off her perfect day!


To my dearest “All I ever do is win, win, win”,

By this point, we are all pretty aware that I’m not the queen bee of relationships.  I’ve tended to adopt the Dane Cook model of “relationshits” as my general life feeling on the issue of love.  However….the one thing I am good at is “losing my leaves”!!!

So, on this glorious occasion where you have filtered through all the “relationshits” to find your Prince Charming, I will offer up my best “leaf losing” advice!

  1. Always fight naked…..but do not make him bacon in this state, no matter how much he begs.  Maybe just don’t cook him anything naked…..
  2. Should you find yourself in front of a lingerie display wondering, “Do I need this!?”, the answer is always yes!
  3. Don’t be afraid of the fights.  Always fight fair, but remember that angry sex can sometimes be the best sex.

Since I don’t want the Fiancee to feel like all the advice is too girly, I consulted some dudes about the issue.  Please fine their…..questionable….advice below.

  1. Make sure he licks you, and twice on Sundays….because he apparently won’t be doing anything else anyway.
  2. Starts with an S….ends with a wallow……

……Actually, ignore the dude advice, they are idiots!

In all seriousness, I wish only the best for you and your new family as you embark on this lifelong adventure together.


The  always , mostly leafless despite

my best intentions tree

I’m doing the bride’s makeup, and bestie baked all the cake and cupcakes.  The Terrain-y is loaded down will all the makeup I own and enough cake to feed an army.  Time to stop for coffee and hit the road…..someone’s getting hitched today!