Wild West Country Weekend

I know I didn’t post a blog last week…..oopsy. But, I had a busy week. Monday I spent just over $400 on getting the caps on my broken front teeth fixed.  The plus side is I discovered my teeth are the whitest shade that they have that’s considered “natural”…shade A1, the downside is I had to spend that much money to realize that glorious little mood booster.  I packed a weeks worth of work into two days, and then I packed and fled the East side humidity with the Bitch Faced Bestie for some cooler weather and country fun!


First things first…..the Terrainy needed an oil change. So I went to the dealership at 8am for my scheduled appointment for a 60,000 mile check and oil change.  Two hours later……I think all they did was change the oil and rotate the tires?!?!  So thanks for that dealership!  The delay lead to some snarky bestie texts…..


When the besties are getting antsy and you have to tell them to calm their party pants down!

So I ran across town, picked up the BFB, we stopped for coffee, and we were off!


Big adventures require big coffees!


Road tripping shenanigans!


Found this Airstream at the gas station in Kadoka……I need it!

We arrived at Lil B’s house, unpacked the car, and the headed to the BFB’s parents house to make dinner.  I successfully cooked my first pork chops and learned that steamed broccoli dunked in the creamy zip of Miracle Whip is a thing.  I have to say….it’s a thing I don’t understand, but it’s still a thing!

After dinner it was back to Lil B’s house for a night of bestie drinking and Netflix!  I think we watched the same comedy special on Netflix 2-3 times over the weekend…..because it’s epic.  Lil B and I had already seen it, and we watched it again several times because that’s just how good she is!


“He was like what’s up? …and I was like what’s up?!”



Sleeping in was followed by coffee and the decision that maybe we needed breakfast.  Breakfast when in Lead/Deadwood is an obvious choice for me….The Hickok House!  Basically the general flow of my trips to the West are me just eating my way around town, and then coming home poor and with a severe case of gut rot.  You’d think I would learn….I never do and I never care!


Chili Rellenos, ham steak, and rancher breakfast.  I don’t really know what else needs to be said about this photo honestly!  Seriously….get in my belly!  (Bonus points if you can guess which breakfast is mine!)

After breakfast we decided to run up to Spearfish for some groceries and a coffee pot.  Lil B only has a Keurig, and we decided that for the group of us that was just sorta inconvenient.  We did end up getting a coffee pot, but we forgot filters so the whole thing was sorta useless.  I did however manage to get pulled over on the highway to Spearfish going 70 in a 65 zone…..which is total crap!  I got off with just a warning and some severe giggles from the girls in the car.



Taking these two to Walmart is a bit like herding cats.  It’s fine, I’ve done it before and I know what I’m in for, but we get a lot of strange looks as we wander the aisles giggling about something that only we three find funny.  Case in point…..this glorious screen shot of our self check out session.


Yes, that does say BJ ice cream, yes we giggled like small children about it, and no I didn’t buy any BJ ice cream.  It’s Ben and Jerry’s for anyone who’s now concerned about our taste in frozen treats.

Friday afternoon was spent with B’s little girls before we had to get ready to head to the first of two concerts for the weekend.  The girls got pedicures, makeup, and fancy braids before they were off the Grandma’s house for the night.  It rained all day Friday and was surprisingly cold….and of course I forgot to pack jeans.  Thank goodness for boots and long sleeve flannel!

Round One: The Eli Young Band



We dragged a poor little hungover Lil B outta bed and hauled her off to breakfast at the BFB’s parents house.  She perked up like a daisy in the cold air and had her head out the back window of my car like a dog on the drive over, but once inside slowly whittled into a sleeping pile on the couch again.  Oh well…..more toast for me!


Sometimes a cup of coffee just speaks to you…..

After breakfast it was more lounging at B’s house with the girls before lunch.  I told you, all I do is eat when I’m there!



When you haven’t showered yet, so you obviously need makeover help.

The makeovers went fine…..we thought…..and everyone was hungry so we started getting ready for lunch.  I took off my lipgloss which was nearly up to my nose, and I told the BFB to blend out her new smokey eye a bit more, but generally we thought we looked ok.  That was until we got into the car.  I had gold eyeshadow from eyebrow to cheek bone essentially, and the BFB had raccoon eyes of glitter.


You can’t really see the makeup it on the pic….but these are our faces once we realized our “makeover” situation.  BFB had to try and remove glitter from her face with a bandaid because glitter is like herpes and once you have it it never really leaves you!

Undaunted by my new Goldmember style eye makeup we headed to Lewie’s.  Sadly, in what I can only assume is some sort of post-rally style snafu, they had no tap beer.  You might not understand why this is sad, but if you drink enough tap beer there you get free beer.  I’m halfway to a free beer, and as we all know, free beer is the best beer!  We also had to sit inside as the patio was full.  This meant we couldn’t hide our glamour behind sunglasses….which was a bit awkward.


Heaven in a basket…..there were also cheeseballs, but those got eaten first!  And for those who are curious, that’s a standard Lewie’s cheeseburger with bacon and jalapeños.  Always add the bacon and jalapeños!


My lunch date!


The under table floppy flop party















When you decide it’s more fun to not have to ride home with your Momma! (We hadn’t left the parking lot yet, so no one freakout please!)

After lunch, everyone was in need of a nap so we went home for a living room style sleep over.  I didn’t nap super well because I was unaware of how much children fidget around and make noise during nap time, but any nap is better than no nap.  Nap time was followed up with another mini makeup session for the little ones and a trip back to Grandma’s for them so the big girls could get ready for the night out.

Round Two: Reckless Kelly

I could have touched a Braun brother!!!  Like literally just reached right out and touched them!  I did get handed a set list after the show and got it signed by the band.  I gave it to Papa G because, A….he got us tickets to the concerts and t-shirts for Round One, and B….he’s got a music room where it will be much more appreciated than anywhere in my house I could put it.

Needless to say we were pretty drained after two nights of party, but we did all manage to bum around for a bit once we got home and eat ice cream and watch Netflix.  At our cores, we are all sorta lazy sweatpants and Netflix sorta girls….we just like to do it in a full face of makeup because ya know…..we be fancy!


The drive home…..honestly nothing is worse than the drive home after a weekend of party in the West.  You’re tired, you probably stink, and the time change does not work in your favor.  We loaded up the Terrainy, stopped at the BFF’s parents one last time so they could send the entire town of Lead home with her in the car, stopped in Rapid so I could get my reload of Philly Ted’s to squirrel in the freezer and we were off on the open road.  I took no pictures, because again…..it’s exhausting and mind numbing.  We swung down to my Momma’s to pick up my Scout baby, and then it was back north towards home.

All in all a good girl’s weekend full of fun bestie shenanigans…..maybe too many shenanigans.  By definition though, can you ever really have too many shenanigans?  Is that even a thing?!

A Weekend in the West

I made a quick trip out to the Black Hills this weekend. The original plan was to bring the Main Squeeze so that he could meet my West River people, but he had a family commitment and had to stay home.   So, I got a girl’s weekend all to myself with my Lil B complete with shopping, brunch, day drinking, and new hair!!

First things first, I got to town and got to spend several hours with my hair stylist at High Maintenance salon with enough tin foil in my head to channel alien life forms!  I love getting my hair done in Rapid because I’ve been going to see the owner of HM since I was in college. She knows my hair, and she never fails to deliver amazingness.

I tend to have hair style ADHD, but she always can narrow in and find something gives me a change and a boost without being crazy and out of control.

I mean…..saying that I was a bit all over the place this time is maybe an understatement. This is why, if you’re like me, you need a stylist who can wade through all the random ideas and crap you throw at her.

I am now blonde for the summer, with a cute little shadow root so that it grows out nicely. Because let’s be real, despite the fact that the salon I’m ride or die for is called High Maintenance, I’m really pretty low maintenance about keeping my hair in its tippy top condition. I mean, you all read the blog and now I haven’t been out to get my hair done since November. That level of commitment isn’t conducive to fun fashion colors, crazy undercuts, and all the other random things I think I need.

(As I’m writing this though, my hair has possibly become more dry shampoo than hair, and I’m wondering if I can pull it together for brunch in a couple hours without looking like a total slime ball…….hmmm. Well, the blonde does always look less greasy than dark brunette, so I’ve atleast got that going in my favor!!!)

I arrived at Lil B’s cute new house, and we of course proceeded to start drinking……that’s how you make the best plans after all.  I hadn’t eaten, so we eventually decided that we needed to get food.  While Lewie’s is my go to option when I’m in Lead, Friday nights are trivia nights, and we decided it would be too busy.  So, we went somewhere new, The Roundhouse!  Well, it’s not really new at all since it’s an old train building that’s been converted into a gorgeously fancy restaurant, but I had never been there before.

We got to sit in private old rail car, Lil B had prosciutto stuffed duck breast, and I got to drink wine out of what was quite possible the largest wine glass in existence!! I desperately need a set of these glasses for my home life so that I can wander around sipping cheap wine…..in sweat pants…..with my dog while still feeling fancy as fuck!

Honestly, it was like staring into a crystal ball and finding out your future was going to come up wine. That kids, is a future I can be all about!!


Look deep into the orb, and see your future!  Hint…..it’s Malbec!

We stopped at the dive bar on the way home but it was dead and we were exploding with food so we came home and passed out talking in the living room. Nothing screams classy like two grown women waking up in a living room.

Saturday morning started as all mornings should with coffee, eggs, and bitching with your bestie about how much you just hate all the random things!  The bitching got better when we decided that 11am was an acceptable time to start drinking…..so I whipped up a pitcher of cheap champagne with the addition of a raspberry lambic.  It’s a fun sorta spin on a mimosa only with the added benefit of not diluting your booze with juice!


I’m not sure how people drink this as it is, because it’s really thick and tastes essentially like raspberry syrup. They make other flavors, so if raspberry isn’t your thing you can still rock out any of the flavors with a bottle of the cheapest champagne you can find.

We decided that we needed to get out of the house so we got ready and went shopping in Rapid, because let’s be honest……you can shop and bitch…..it’s like a more intense version of power shopping.

Halfway to Rapid we decided that we should also swing through Prairie Berry Winery for some fun and some free samples. Basically, we spent most of the afternoon shopping and cruising the highways of the Black Hills, and frankly that was ok by me!

We shopped for a bit.  I got some new sandals for vacation with the Main Squeeze, and some snacks for the trip down to the winery. The winery was super busy, much more so then the last time I was there with Momm and my sister, but we did eventually squeeze ourselves into the bar for our samples. I have to say I was slightly disappointed by the size of the wine glasses…I guess once you’ve had the best everything else is just sad haha!

We purchased some wine and both somewhat accidentally got signed up for their autoshipments of wine. Oopsy, well I can pick up my wine at their East River location, and more wine never hurt anyone so we will see how this turns out.  See….I need those huge glasses so that I can drink my autoship wine more effectively!!!!

After the winery, we finally hit up Lewie’s so I could get my bacon cheeseburger with jalapeños fix! Once again exploding with food, Lil B and I headed home for some Netflix and a couple drinks. This time though, we did both actually make it through the first show…..the second one, not so much!


This morning I decided against a shower, but I did throw on a sundress and head back to Rapid for brunch with my favorite Russian and her new hubby!  It was delicious, amazeballs, and so good to see them again.  I feel like I just don’t get enough of these people that I got so used to seeing everyday in college.  The whole situation was so nice that I totally forgot to grab my credit card after I paid.  Luckily, I discovered the problem when I arrived at Philly Ted’s for my quota of cheesesteaks to bring home and freeze.  A quick trip back to Tally’s Silver Spoon got me my credit card back, and I was ready to hit the road home.

All in all, it was an amazing trip, and I can’t wait till I can find a weekend to head back, and hopefully bring the Main Squeeze along.  Now kids, I’m home….and it’s time to wash my hair!


A New Year with the Bear Cubs

Well here we are kids, the first blog of the new year!  I feel like I should have some sort of deep, philosophical wisdom to impart, but I don’t really.  I’m not usually one for setting resolutions  Personally I think they just lead to disappointment.  So, this is my new mantra….


I did spend an awesome New Year’s weekend out in the hills with most of my favorite girls.  I stayed out in a cabin with my Chem Smarty Pants and The Boys…..and the bear cubs……fucking bear cubs ruining our groove!  I know that you’re probably thinking to yourself, “I love bear cubs!  They are adorable, and I just want to squeeze them!”  I have those same feelings about actual bear cubs.  These however, were not regular, cute bear cubs.  These were annoying, basement room stealing, underage so no you may not come to the bars with us, semi weird, and demanding bear cubs.

The saga begins with The Cubs and The Boys car pooling to the Hills from Nebraska.  Now, unbeknownst to everyone else, the Bear Cubs had to go back to Nebraska a day early…..they knew…..AND JUST DIDN’T TELL ANYONE!  So there we all are, having a grand time, and it had to get cut short because of the cubs. To add extra annoyance to the situation, the cubs didn’t help us clean up at all.  They basically cleaned up their little basement cave, came upstairs, sat on the couch, and watched everyone else work.    This cause Lil B and I to have to run a reconnaissance mission for half a pan of lasagna and some snacks because our group lunch trip to Lewie’s threw off their cleaning groove.  Youths…..I’m telling ya!


These sassy cubs at least fake taking out the garbage!

However, we all still had an amazeballs time and the bear cubs aren’t gonna ruin that.  I got to go to dinner with my Lil B and her family Saturday night, and I attempted to teach her littlest to play tic tac toe……it went…..decently haha.  Saturday night I spent in Rapid with my Sexy Russian and her fiancee, so the weekend was a success.  Actually, it was one of the more successful trips I’ve had out there in a long time.

The other plus side of being in the Hills was that I didn’t see anyone I didn’t want to see and I ate Lewie’s twice….so gym time fun time for me in the new year!

My old phone was mostly on the fritz the whole time I was there, so I didn’t get that many pictures taken.  I did have a new phone waiting for my at Momma’s, but the case hadn’t arrived and I didn’t wanna chance dropping a brand new phone during our shenanigans.


When you’re tall and Paul cuts off your head…..still better than the first picture of just our boobs……boys!

When you’re being tipsy and mysterious behind your phones…..it’s like modern societies version of the fan.  I know I know….I was keeping it super classy with the PBR, but you’ll also notice that we had lots of water glasses.  With age comes wisdom, and with wisdom comes hangover avoidance strategies!


Ahh the Social Club, always a solid choice!

We have no pictures of the boys, and no pictures of the dancing that took place downstairs.  Just as well honestly, cuz it was sorta a hot, sweaty, crowded mess.

We finally caught a cab back to the cabin around 3, and then proceeded to make pizza, drink champagne, and dance around the kitchen until about 5am!!!  Our New Year’s Eve was really one of those nights that makes you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation!!




The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

For the second year in a row, I’ve hosted Thanksgiving at my house.  It always makes me a bit stressed, not because I can’t cook, but because I have an issue with timing!  Last year I was probably 10-15 minutes off my projected 2pm meal time.  This year….perfect timing!  I looked at the clock as we all grabbed our plates to dig in, and it was 2:00 on the nose!  Glorious victory!  So, we had an epic afternoon of eating and way too many leftovers because I’m also not super talented at planning how much food to make…..  Turns out a 10.5 lb. turkey is like 3x as much turkey as 5 people need, and I have essentially an entire 9×13 pan of cornbread bacon pecan stuffing left over.  I shall be eating well for several weeks to come I’m sure!  I still haven’t worked my way up to making pie, so I had Momma bring the pies, and Aunt N brought a couple salads, but otherwise I did everything myself.  Adulthood Level: Intro to Pro Skills!

The Feast!

The Feast!

On to the meat and potatoes so to speak……!

Have you ever just reached a point in life where you need a change?  It feels like everything you’ve done to this point is dumb, and somethings gotta give.  I wanted this year, 2015, to be different.  I was going to be bolder, do things that scare me, and karma was supposed to reward me!  Karma did not behave like she was supposed to, and all my brave moves fell flat on their faces.

I tried to go find him......Karma wouldn't help me!!!  WTF KARMA!

I tried to go find him……Karma wouldn’t help me!!! WTF KARMA!

So…..I did the next best thing…..I changed my hair!  I had been meaning to do my traditional fall hair change anyway, but one change lead to another which let to another, and I just feel like a whole new girl!  It’s amazing how switching small things up can really change your whole outlook.

The changes started off simply enough.  I decided that it was time to be an adult and accept that fact that I don’t have perfect vision.  So, I ordered myself some glasses so I could actually see my tv and the world around me is a crispy, sharp way.  Like dropping a pebble into the mystical lake that is adulthood, that one event set off ripples of change.  After the glasses came the new hair.  The new hair brought new shampoo and styling products.  I truly believe deep down in my soul that everyday is a good hair day when your hair smells the way it does when you leave the salon!  Please, no one pop my bubble of hope about this…it’s science, I should know!  Actually, it’s probably more about the fact that the smell reminds me of the salon, and the salon is one of my favorite places.

My desire to have an epic bath time experience post Asshole Tinder Cowboy spurred me to buy fun new things from Lush.  On a whim I ordered a bath bomb in their new fall smell.  It seemed a bit questionable at the time (black pepper, patchouli, and vanilla) but I’m so glad that I did!  My new smell is Lord of Misrule!  It smells like everything that’s right with the world.  It’s a bit manly, a bit fall, a dash of vanilla, and just all around epicness!  If they ever discontinue that smell I shall be oh so sad.  So, I ordered a second order of bath bombs and the shower gel to try and get me through the year until next fall.  Cross those fingers people!  

I’ve been wearing the same perfumes since college, and they are finally running out.  For awhile I debating just rebuying them because perfume shopping is actually the worst thing ever.  Things that smell good in the bottle smell like butt on you, and lord forbid you try more than one at a time and then have to spend the rest of the day smelling “like a French whore house”!  However, I did finally find one that I’m totally digging on.  I had originally passed on it several times, because I don’t like how it smells in the bottle.  On a lark I got a sample at Sephora and I’ve been wearing it everyday.  Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb is my new jam!  I’m adding it to my Birthday/Christmas list I think! (Cough, Cough….Hint, Hint, Hint)

It looks like a little hand grenade of awesomeness!

It looks like a little hand grenade of awesomeness!

It’s really amazing how sometimes it really is the random things that can change everything.  I’m sure eventually the newness will wear off, and I’ll run out of Lord of Misrule shower gel, but in the meantime I’m loving my whole new situation.  It hasn’t changed me as a person, it’s just changed the way I feel about my situation!

The thing that never changes……and will never change…..is that even when I feel like I can’t change the small things I have my friends and family to see me through.  It doesn’t matter how bad things get or how much success you have, your friends and family are always there to support, encourage, and congratulate.  That’s what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving week, my friends that put up with my crazy and my family that puts up with my bitchiness.  

My friends became the focal point of my trip to the hills the other week.  So here’s to my friends, the ones who had my back when I saw my college dream frat boy with his fugly new girl in the hills (Yes….I saw him out at the bars :/), the one’s who distracted me and kept my mind off the Asshole Tinder Cowboy, and the one’s who are always down for cheeseballs, beers, burgers, too many orders of chile rellenos, mystery flavor jello shots, and generally having the best time!  

I also spent a great night with G and his gorgeous baby girl when I was in the Hills, but idk that babies belong on blogs cuz the interwebs can be a weird place.  She did however teach me how to “make potatoes” on the kitchen floor, and she amazed me with her technology skills.  18 month old me could not have worked a smart phone!  Technology on little one, and grow up to show the world what’s what!



Hopefully you’re not getting sick of my pictures.  It just seems like the easiest way to share my shenanigans with you.  Last weekend was no exception.  I loaded down the Terrain and headed out West to the Sturgis rally.  As with all my craziest trips, the pictures are really worth a thousand words.

To keep this PG there shall be no pictures of pasties or women in body paint….

A….because it was so crowded it was hard to know when a mostly naked women was going to appear.

B……because it’s frankly never the ones you want to see naked that are rocking the look.  I however, am not here to judge.  More power to ya ladies!

Also, sorry for all the pictures with beer…..there honestly wasn’t a huge amount of time that I wasn’t holding one…..and frankly I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that life!

BeFunky Collage

As usual, it’s important that you pack nearly everything you own and way too many shoes (I brought 6 pairs total!!).  Maybe if I bothered to plan activities I’d have a better shot at packing realistically for my adventures, but I don’t.  I tend to just show up and wing it, so I always way over pack for these things.

There will  be a period of time where you wonder if you’ll ever actually make it to Rapid City.  Road construction will make you question your sanity, and the drive will give you serious motorcycle envy…..this is only the beginning.

Make sure when you get to Rapid City that you stop at Philly Ted’s.  I didn’t even get to eat my first philly…..sharing is caring I guess!  Don’t worry, I eventually got my fix.

BeFunky Collage

You might discover that beer gives you epic photography skills.  Granted, it’s hard to mess up pictures when you have the Hills as a background….but I think I did pretty awesome on the action shots.  The guys made me attempt to hit a clay, and I failed hard.  Oh well, we made fish and potatoes, and my sweet Tinder opportunities inspired the guys to try and hook me up with various rally attendees……this also was a huge fail….thank goodness!

….and you’re holding on like a mechanic on the Titanic….”

BeFunky Collage night 1

When your Mother’s friend tells you to put on your boots and kick up some dust, you’d best believe I threw on the boots and hit the town.  When in cowboy county, do as the cowboys do.  Not that I know any cowboys who where bedazzled boots, but I do know some who wear flannel, drink cheap beer, and throw darts.  That my friends sounds like a good night to me any day of the week!

I got too distracted to get pictures of darts with Todd, but I did get to roll around in his Jeep with the top down….unfortunately, there was no sombrero action this time.

You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning!!  So Sunday brought breakfast burritos and bloody marys in Deadwood followed by BOGO PBRs (insert excited face here!!!) and people watching.  I think that since for many Harley owners their bikes represent freedom, it’s only fitting that I drank red, white, and blue beer on my trip.  ‘Merica!  

(I’m aware that my drinks of choice are similar to what 50 year old men drink…..that’s just how I roll!)

There are no pictures of Sunday night because I had a date.  Also, I didn’t drink all day because the date and I both had to drive, and you should always adult responsibly!  

Post date, I maybe should retract what I said about the Tinder Cowboy a couple weeks ago……horses are his life and I should maybe not be such a judge-y bitch face all the time……more about that on another day hopefully.  He was actually very nice, and still super smokin’ hot good looking!BeFunky Collage sunday

BeFunky Collage bike

I hauled my bike out to the hills because I had an inkling that I would have Monday morning free, and I was right.  I generally like to think that I’m in decent physical shape, but uphill biking at an altitude change proved me wrong in a hurry.  But, never the less, it was good to burn off some of the beers and have some alone time.  I’m not sure you’ll be able to see it, but through the trees on the bottom picture is the top of the mine shaft at the Underground Lab where my dad used to work.

After my ride I headed back to the “Dog House” to get ready for a day of adventures.  Monday night was rally time, and I knew I wanted to show up looking like the glorious biker princess that I am in my dreams.  Victoria’s Secret Angel curls, denim shorts, Sturgis shirts, and biker boots was the style of the day and I headed off to meet my Lil B for lunch.

Lewie’s is a favorite, and if you’re ever out in the Hills you should check them out.  Nothing can go wrong when you have a bacon cheeseburger with jalapenos and beers on a patio.  

You might witness some weird things while hanging on the patio…..it’s rally time…..you’ve just gotta accept it!  It’s also important to know that if you yell “I like your selfie stick” at a biker, you will then have to take a photo with said biker and his selfie stick!

There’s a line…..and you’ve crossed it!”

photo 3 (4)

photo 4 (4)

…..again, #sorrynotsorry for all the beer!  We needed a wardrobe change, and you can’t do that without drinking!

Monday night we headed down to the rally for concerts, corn dogs, and more beer!  The Easyrider always has free concerts during the rally, and sometimes they are even people you’ve heard of!  Monday night was Hairball and Quiet Riot, which seemed like a solid time.  (I had originally thought Monday night was Hinder, but I can’t read a calendar correctly apparently.)

Mostly, we ended up watching bikes, hanging out, and surviving a hail storm/monsoon.  We started the storm under a blow up canopy, and that sorta did the job for the hail.  The monsoon quickly proved that we needed to move, and the closest place was, of course, the bar!  Whilst waiting out the rain under the bar tent I did flirt with an Indian sales rep, however I’m sorry to report that he did not like me enough to offer to give me a bike…..

The guys met an MMA fighter who’s apparently legit (buff dude in the man tank….), the dude in the long sleeves is a former Green Bay Packer that no one really cared about (though he’s a part owner of the bar so there’s that), and I was reminded that squats are indeed very important.  ….if you’re gonna wear cut off jean shorts, I support you…..however not everyone has the butt for it….that’s all I’m saying.  #hakunamasquata

All in all we survived the storm, grabbed McDonald’s on the way home, and headed up and outta the craziness back to Deadwood.

BeFunky Collage

That about wraps it up.  A quick cruise around Tuesday morning on a crotch rocket reaffirmed my commitment to cruisers, and I was off to lunch in Rapid.  Had Philly Ted’s with my best chemistry gangster, and I hit the road back home.  I have a freezer full of philly’s now and some awesome memories!

A Weekend of (Mis)Happenings

I promised an epic blog to make up for missing last week’s.  HERE IT IS PEOPLE!!

Over the weekend I took a mini vacation to the Black Hills.  The Hills have become my preferred vaca destination over the past few years.  I went to college there, a fair number of my friends are still there, and all my preferred restaurants and bars are scattered around.  This was a quicker trip than I normally take, but I tried to pack in plenty of fun and pictures.  I’ve complied them all below in an effort to take you all along on my epic adventures!


Step 1: Pack all the things! Step 2: Bribe your fur baby and leave her at Grandma's house. Step 3: Buy an XL coffee and put the pedal to the metal!

Step 1: Pack all the things!
Step 2: Bribe your fur baby, and leave her at Grandma’s house.
Step 3: Buy an XL coffee, and put the pedal to the metal!

Take a ride across the Badlands....

Take a ride across the Badlands….

A few hours and some tin foil later and I'm shorter and blonder for summertime.  Marla never fails to do amazing work, and I'm lucky to know her!

A few hours and some foil later, I’m shorter and blonder for summertime. Marla never fails to do amazing work, and I’m lucky to know her!  I’m not generally one for “Outfit of the Day” pictures, but it’s all part of the adventure!

Dinner with the original boyfriend and drinks with my Chemistry bros!  I may or may not have caused a pub crawl to end early.......oops!

Dinner with the original boyfriend, and drinks with my Chemistry bros! I may or may not have caused a pub crawl to end early…….oops!

Rainy night rooftop views of my home away from home.

Rainy night rooftop views of my home away from home.


Can't drink all day if you don't start at brunch!

Can’t drink all day if you don’t start at brunch! Kickass Margaritas (Pineapple and Hot Pepper) give me life!!


White gurl issues….when you try and take a selfie, but you accidentally make a video….. #selfiesaturday

Saturday night in Deadwood.  When in the Wild West, channel your inner cowgirl and get after it!

Saturday night in Deadwood. When in the Wild West, channel your inner cowgirl and get after it!

Breathe in all that open space!

……breathe in all that open space!

So many bars, so little time.  You'll notice the person with the most clothes is walking the fastest up the mountain.....men are whimps!

So many bars, so little time. You’ll notice the person with the most clothes is walking the fastest up the mountain…..men are whimps!

Found my favorite tipsy Lewis/Clark/Party Boy at the Grand.  You know it's a good night when someone has to wear the sombrero home because there isn't room in the Jeep....

Found my favorite tipsy Lewis and/or Clark/Party Boy at the Grand. You know it’s a good night when someone has to wear the sombrero home because there isn’t room in the Jeep….


Blueberry Danish and Austrailian Iced Coffee with my lovely Russian lady!

Blueberry Danish and Austrailian Iced Coffee with my lovely Russian lady!  Multicultural breakfast at Bully Blends.

Last stop at Philly Ted's for some cajun chickens to go, and a ride back across the Badlands.

Last stop at Philly Ted’s for some cajun chickens to go, and a ride back across the Badlands.

Be the hottest thing they've seen at the Al's Oasis Arby's all day!

Be the hottest thing they’ve seen at the Al’s Oasis Arby’s all day!

Memorable Quotes of the Weekend – I’m in Italics for some differentiation….

  • “You definitely don’t have a shortage of hair.”
  • “You’re pretty, but you make bad life choices.”  “Ummm….excuse me?”  “You’re pretty, but then you’re standing there holding a PBR.  You make bad life choices!”
  • “Do I really smell like Ketchup?!?!?”
  • “You realize we are gonna start talking again, and I’m just gonna hit on you…..” “….Great….” –I got this twice, once Friday and once Saturday from the same guy from college!!!!  Ugh
  • “I’m feeling sober, can we get a drink?”
  • “Hey!  How tall are you?!?” “Hahah, not tall enough!”
  • “Hey, I’m liking your hair.” “Thanks” “You’re the hottest thing we’ve seen all day!”