I Know this is Late, But Hear Me Out

Yes, yes, yes I know what you’re thinking……”You’re not even in school anymore girl….get your shit together!”  Okay, I get that, but I had a lot going on this weekend, I’ve worked late every night this week, and there was no way that this was going to get put together on time.  Epic things happened that deserved time and dedication!

On a totally random side note, I bought a cute keyboard cover for the MacBook….so I’m typing this out all stealthy and silent.  You wouldn’t even know I’m working, it’s amazing!



Okay….so….onto the main event.


She got here Friday afternoon and it was basically all the food and all the drinks all weekend long.  Sometimes you’ve gotta let it all go I guess.  Friday night we all had dinner at the BFB and Hubby in Law’s house.  Then of course BFB made dipped strawberries….cuz that’s just how we roll…..FANCY!


I take only the best pictures of my friends….it’s how they know I love them!

Post dinner we played board games….cuz we are adults!  #sorrynotsorry…..but literally, we played Sorry.  Does anyone else remember that game taking hours?!  I think we must have been doing it wrong cuz it took forever!  Also, everyone discovered that I have problems when Skittles are in my presence…..like black tar heroin level addiction problems if they appear within arms reach of me!

Saturday morning we had “Crepe Bar” at the BFB’s….like I’m really not sure you’re really grasping the level of fancy we roll with when we are together!


This plus bacon and Crepe Bar….what could even go wrong?!  BFB even bought fresh flowers!

We girls went to the mall  after breakfast.  The mall on a Saturday is always a bad idea, but we did get through Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, and Pink.  If you’re wondering why we had to go to both Victoria’s Secret and Pink…..it’s because I’m a diva and insisted on it.  Under roos are cheaper at Pink, and this is important to me since the Scout a Roo continues to eat them given even the smallest oppertunity.  It’s a bit of a problem, but she’s old now so I doubt it’s going to change anytime soon honestly.  Plus side, I guess she is always keeping me in the season’s latest fashions, under roo wise anyway!

After shopping it was time to start cooking.  The cooking started with maybe the best question quote that has ever left Lil B’s mouth…..

Is your tomato sauce…..tomatoey?!  Like does it taste like tomatoes?  Is it like Prego?!”


I had 7 friends over for Pasta, Pino, and Pizza.  We opened up Maximus, the 5 liter bottle of wine I received for Christmas, and all went to town.  Between us, we drank most of it.  Probably about half of a normal sized bottle was all that remained the next morning when I was cleaning up.  To go along with Maximus….we made way too much food….which is a thing we tend to do every time.


A busy stove top is a happy stove top!
























The party begins!
























Alright, the run down!

  • Erik’s Homemade Alfredo Sauce with Chicken
  • Red Sauce with Hamburger…..homemade by me!  (Yes, it’s tomatoey)
  • Chicken and Pesto Pizza
  • Pepperoni Pizza with Onions and Green Peppers
  • 2 Pounds of Dry Pasta
  • 1 Large Spaghetti Squash
  • A Whole Loaf of Garlic Bread
  • Gluten Free Pasta for the BFB

After we all got silent and shoved our faces full of yummy Italian and wine, we basically just bummed around, chatted and caught up with each other, and played a couple rounds of Cards Against Humanity.

Yes, you saw that picture right, Maximus required buddy system pours for probably the first half of the bottle.  He was just so heavy, it wasn’t a one man job.  Also, uncorking him wasn’t a one man job either.  Lil B had to help hold the base of the corkscrew while I leveraged the arm up.  Once the cork got started it went alright, but the initial part seemed a little questionable.  There was even a brief discussion of whether or not power tools might be necessary.  We were all maybe a little concerned about the quality of Maximus, but all things considered he wasn’t half bad at all!  The night was another successful dinner and booze party!

Sunday morning I made breakfast and we had our “Girl’s Morning Coffee Sesh”.  Sometimes it’s the littlest things you miss when your besties aren’t around all the time, and for us….morning coffee is that thing.  We also learned that pancakes made with coconut are delicious, but literally pancake flat!  They don’t puff up at all….and yes, before you ask, I did add plenty of baking powder.

After breakfast, we decided to take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and go wander the boutiques downtown.  Between breakfast, the bakery, and lunch….we basically ate all morning long….and I’m totally ok with that!


Macaroons and Ham Croissants anyone?!


Jalapeño margaritas at my favorite downtown restaurant with my favorite people!

All in all it was an amazeballs weekend, and given the amount of alcohol consumed over the three days….it’s a Christmas miracle that no one woke up with a hangover!  I’ll take that as a win and get to planning the next bestie weekend.  Actually, the next bestie weekend is gonna be in a couple weeks, except that we will be short the BFB. :/


Epic Quotes You’ll Never Remember and Bourbon

I would like to preface this post by mentioning that I stayed up way too late last night working on it.  The late night, with the all weekend party fatigue, has got me feeling a bit less than stellar on this humid Monday morning.  The single ray of sunshine is that I found my existence in an Instagram post from Rebel Circus this morning and I almost peed myself laughing!


I straight up love this movie!

  ….anyway, I’ve had my coffee and I’m feeling at least vaguely awake, so on to your regularly scheduled blog!

Once a month we try and throw a dinner party at the house.  It just seems like the easiest way to get all the friends together, adult schedules get so crazy….and most of us don’t even have kids yet!

Last month….due to crazy schedules, the party had to be postponed.  This weekend was the weekend….it was finally time for Bourbon and Burgers!!  Our one night dinner party turned into an all weekend party.  I didn’t take as many pictures as my trip to the hills, mostly because we just spent more time chillin’ out and relaxing, but I’ll show you what I’ve got.

First things first.....buy new hot pink lip stain for rocking at the pool!

First things first…..buy new hot pink lip stain for rocking at the pool!

On Friday afternoon, your Hill’s friend will roll in much earlier than anyone anticipated…..this will cause you to leave work at noon and start the party early.  It was also mean that you have a partner in crime for the pre-party Walmart run.  This is good news, because you should never buy snacks alone!



Friday night will lead to several epic adventures:

1. Running across the street and raiding your neighbor's garage sale will lead to several amazing purchases. You can never plan for Halloween too soon! (Not puppies were harmed in the taking of these photos!)

2.  Running across the street and raiding your neighbor’s garage sale will lead to several amazing purchases. You can never plan for Halloween too soon! (Note: No puppies were harmed in the taking of these photos!)

You'll need to take a wind blown adventure pizza to go with your beverages!

3.  You’ll need to take a wind blown adventure for pizza to go with your beverages!

You might need a power nap, because you'll need to throw on your boots, head to the pool, and then take a slightly damp, makeup free trip to the bar!

4. You might need a power nap, because you’ll need to throw on your boots, head to the swimming pool, and then take a slightly damp, makeup free trip to the bar!

It’s important that you go to bed “early”, because Saturday is when the party really starts, but there’s fun to be had well before dinner!

A glorious day with friends!

A glorious day with friends!

Schedule of the Day

  • Wake up
  • Make Bacon and Eggs
  • Bike 20 miles and see the sights of SooFoo
  • Made Pineapple salsa…you might get hungry!
  • Chill by the pool….it might not be a Yeti 110, but it was iced down with silver bullets and more than did the job! (There may or may not have also been tupper wares of margarita jello shots…..I’m not at liberty to disclose that info…..)

After we all got thoroughly sunned, it was time to shower and get to cooking.  We had burgers, Sriracha bourbon BBQ sauce, and bourbon caramel to make.  The menu ended up pretty awesome: bbq bacon cheeseburgers and grilled veggies with grilled peaches, bourbon whipped cream and caramel for dessert.  Blackberry bourbon lemonades, wine slush, and beers rounded everything out.  We all ate well, and enjoyed the awesome weather and lightening bugs!



The best of times with the best of friends!

The best of times with the best of friends!

The weekend was finished up with:

  • Another trip to the bar
  • A visit from Michigan that was long overdue, and all together too short.  But, I can’t complain, it was good to see him again. (…more about him later….)
  • A lost set of truck keys
  • Lots of catch up homework on my part

All in all it was a successful time, and now to let our bodies recover until the next party!