I know I didn’t get a blog posted last week, but it’s been a busy week here at the Townhome. I’ll post a huge blog with all the details this week I promise!!

Until then, have a couple preview pics!



I hope everyone had a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend. More than that, I hope everyone remembered “the reason for the season” so to speak. It’s about way more than a long weekend and having a good time in the sun.

This House Is For The Birds

I seem to have a particularly tenacious family of birds living in my backyard.  Actually, I’m not quite sure they live in the backyard……mostly they’ve been living in my dryer vent!!  Now, I’m not really one who prefers to displace animals from their ideal living locations, but I also would like to be able to do laundry without potentially starting a huge fire out the back side of my house!

4 little babies....hanging out in my vent for who knows how long exactly!

4 little babies….hanging out in my vent….for who knows how long exactly!

Yea, yea, yea….I know its a snapchat screenshot, but this was a very high stress afternoon for me and I didn’t want to stay on the ladder for multiple pictures.  The first time I tried to remove the nest from the vent I was confronted by four, very upset, little baby bird faces!  I don’t deal well with squirmy, wiggly things well…..so the bestie had to come rescue me and the birds.  The babies lived for 3-4 days in a cardboard box that I tied into my spindly sapling tree.  Then one day, they were just gone.

I assumed that since egg laying season was passed, that another nest wouldn’t be a problem.  I was wrong.  So today I went to Menards and bought a new vent cover with a cage on the bottom.  Today, there were no baby birds in the vent so I didn’t need a bestie rescue.  The new vent cover is installed, and hopefully I haven’t angered the local bird population too much.  I also put a new screen in my screen door.  I’m not sure why I didn’t have one, but its another thing checked off the to-do list!

On a side note, I had sort of assumed that the $130 I pay to the HOA every month went towards things like bird and wasp removal.  Apparently, it does not….so now I’m slightly confused as to why I’m paying that much to have people come mow my yard once a week…..!?!?  I’ll figure this home ownership thing out eventually I guess.