The People Who Think They Know Me, What Exactly Do You Think You Know?

I’m not saying that I like everyone or that everyone has to like me…..haters gonna hate after all.  I just think that if you’re going to hate on me you should at least know what you’re hating.

Do me a solid, and the next time you meet someone, invest time into getting to know them.  Not just the normal things, but the things that really make that person who they are.  It’s the quirky things we all do who make us who we are.  Everyone has a story, maybe we should all work harder at getting to know everyone’s stories…….

Did you know that…….

  • I check the Humane Society website every week, and it gives me all the sad feels because I know I can’t save all the dogs?
  • rarely, do I feel like I’m accomplishing anything with my life?
  • when I get ready every day I turn on Pandora and have a dance party in my bathroom while Scout silently judges me and waits for her dose of coconut oil?
  • I never thought I could be this strong until I was forced to be?
  • when I’m sad or depressed I cook mountains of food and then just put it all in the fridge?
  • I keep a picture of my grandparents in my closet to remind me to stay humble and appreciate things?
  • I will be your best friend or your worst enemy, the choice is up to you, and how you treat me?
  • I don’t know that I’ll ever be one of those girls who feel confident in her own skin?
  • I get oddly hyper and excited about the most random things?
  • when you judge me for not wanting kids, I have very real reasons and emotions that effect the way I feel about it?
  • even though I have really bad hand/eye coordination, I tend to get lucky wins when I play darts?
  • every time I go for a run, I pray that it will be the run that makes me enjoy running….it never is?
  • underneath the RBF and the makeup I actually really self-conscious, insecure, and never feel good enough?
  • I’m obsessed with Christmas decorations because I feel like they make everything feel homier?
  • sometimes, even with a college degree, half a master’s, and a salary I still feel like I live paycheck to paycheck?
  • for all my whining, I know that I’m exceedingly blessed to be where I am?
  • I’m ok on my own, but sometimes it would be nice to have someone to go grocery shopping with?
  • I’d rather sit around home and watch a movie than go out anymore?
  • sometimes, all I want is to get dressed up, put on fake eyelashes, and go out?
  • I have really absurd life plans….opening a strip club/burlesque bar anyone?
  • I hate trying new things around new people? Old things with new people, or new things with my people!
  • I always assume I’m the problem?
  • I’d rather have my ride or die friends than a bunch of people I just “kinda sorta” know?
  • I’m a feminist, but I like my relationships a bit old school?
  • I sat through my Dad’s funeral and burial and didn’t cry, but I’ll cry over the stupidest, most insignificant, unimportant things?
  • I don’t have any one hobby that I’m committed to, I like to try things for a while, then I get bored and move on?
  • I always fall way too hard and too fast for all the wrong people?
  • I only like peanut butter when it’s melted on hot toast?
  • I’m still convinced that life can be like a RomCom….even though experience has taught me it’s not true?
  • I believe that small gestures mean more than huge displays?
  • I could be perfectly happy watching the same dozen or so movies all the time….do you know what they are?
  • some days I miss dancing and swimming more than I can say?
  • I get really obsessed with new things once I learn them?
  • sometimes, I just wish a guy would love me the way guys love girls in country songs.
  • I try and view everything as an opportunity to grow, even when it feels like everything is going wrong?