Memorial Day Catch Up

I feel like I’ve been running around like a crazy person lately, and the blog has sorta suffered.  The Engineer and I were gone every weekend in May, so the weeks have mostly been spent trying to catch up on things you normally get done over the weekend.

Scout and I have been home alone since last night.  I was doing Memorial Day/ Family Reunion things with my Momma’s side of the family, and The Engineer went to Nebraska to spend time with his family.  Scout a Roo and I got home late last night and proceeded to do our favorite single girl activity…..fall asleep on the couch together watching Netflix! It’s been a busy morning of laundry, cleaning, working out, and sunning like geckos waiting for The Engineer to get home.  It feels good to finally feel caught up on the day to day activities of just keeping a house in order.

I’ve probably forgotten to share a few adventures alone the way.  Last week, The Engineer and I managed to start our grill on fire….so that was something.  Technically, the grease trays underneath the grill started on fire, but it soon lead to the thermometer maxing out on the grill and thick black smoke started rolling through the neighborhood.  I’m sure our neighbors thought we were crazy as we sat and watched it for a couple minutes.  I was unaware that the trays were as full as they are, so I thought it might just burn itself out quickly…..that wasn’t the case!  The Engineer unhooked the propane tank while I tossed some water down into the trays.  I know that water+grease fire is supposed to be an avoided activity, but something had to be done before the house and/or stupid shrub that I hate started on fire!  The shrub on fire would have been fine….I want it gone anyway, but it touches the house so removal by grease fire is a less than ideal means to an end.  All is well that ends well I suppose and the house and the grill have lived to see another day.  Actually, we don’t even know if the grill still works….that’s tonight’s dinner plan though.  I guess if it doesn’t work hopefully someone has some good Memorial Day sales happening!

I didn’t end up filling my turkey tag this Spring.  Our last weekend got rained out.  Well actually, we were in the field as the thunderstorm started rolling in.  I thought it was maybe best that we didn’t sit out in lawn chairs in a blind during a storm.  Besides, turkeys aren’t likely to leave their tree roosts when it’s storming, so we probably would have sat there in the storm for no reason anyway.  Also they had moved their roosts further back into the thick trees than the morning we were set up right under them, so all in all in just wasn’t a great morning.  In talking to people who are much better and more successful at turkey hunting, it just wasn’t a great season I don’t think.  The weather was either storming, blizzarding, or blazing hot…..all make for less than stellar hunting.  I feel like we’ve learned some things, and anytime you spend in the field is bound to make you a better hunting eventually.  When fall rolls around I’ll try again!  In the meantime, we’ve cleaned out a spot in the garage for me to set up my target bag, so I’ll be getting plenty of practice time in!

Hopefully everyone is having a great day off, but please remember why we have the holiday weekend in the first place.  It’s easy to get caught up with friends, family, great weather, and drinks, but the bravery and sacrifices of many are the real reason to celebrate.

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I know I didn’t get a blog posted last week, but it’s been a busy week here at the Townhome. I’ll post a huge blog with all the details this week I promise!!

Until then, have a couple preview pics!



I hope everyone had a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend. More than that, I hope everyone remembered “the reason for the season” so to speak. It’s about way more than a long weekend and having a good time in the sun.

Quick Memorial Day Thoughts

It’s Memorial Day…..of course you all know that, the day is mostly over by now.  I’m not in much of a writing mood, but I felt like I should say something.

I’m not a huge fan of cemeteries.  The one where my family is buried in my hometown brings to mind nothing but awful memories.  It’s dark, dreary, and in my mind’s eye it’s always raining there.  The reason’s for my distorted views are long and involved, and this isn’t the time.  Yesterday, I vowed that I would go back to that cemetery to see if age and time have given me a different perspective than youthful me possessed.  The only cemetery I don’t mind visiting is St. Anthony’s in my Momma’s hometown.  It’s good that I don’t mind…it’s where my grandparents and my Dad are buried.  Yesterday, as is the custom, Momma and I drove up for the day to put flowers out with my Aunt and Uncle.  On our way back home we also stopped at my Great Grandma’s and Great Aunt and Uncle.  Even though it was a rainy, sorta of bleh day, I didn’t feel sad.  I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing, but it’s just reality for me.  St. Anthony’s cemetery just feels like a nice field in the country.  It has nice views of the countryside and has never felt dismal to me.


Floral arrangements by my Momma. She does wonders with a hot glue gun!

Today, in honor of my Dad, I tried to go on a run.  It’s strange, but a miserably unsuccessful run made me more depressed than visiting his grave yesterday.  One would think I’d be able to pull out a mile, Dad ran races with lung cancer.  Alas, today was not my day.

Tomorrow, I’ll live to fight another day, and tonight we remember those who are not.