A Weekend of DIY

I know that I missed posting a blog last week.  I had done so well for a year, but sometimes you just drop the ball on things.  In my defense, it had been a busy week of getting the house ready for summertime and getting a big chunk of my house’s to do list done.  I get that “success and excuses don’t talk together”, but sometimes in life shit happens.

Side note…..well aware I missed last week too!  Apparently when I’m not in school I’m totally incapable of keeping a schedule of any sort. :/

Let’s do the exterior of the house first shall we?!  Summertime means it’s time to PLANT ALL THE THINGS!  I mean, I didn’t plant all the things, but I did plant several things to sprinkle out and around the house.

On the planting list this year were:

  • Cherry Tomato – Scout baby needs her tomato fix every day when I get home from work.  I don’t use these for anything other than some outdoor snacking with my Lil.  The fact that she doesn’t just pick them herself is surprising, but she just sits next to the plant doing her anxious prance-y feet waiting for you to hand them to her.
  • Mini Sweet Bell Peppers – I’ve never grown this variety, but I assume they are good just for straight eating off the vine?!  We shall see!
  • Green and Yellow Beans – Cuz you know I’m going to need to can some more Dilly Beans!
  • Wave Petunia – Easy to grow and I mean…..why not
  • Kale – Confession time……I HAVEN’T PLANTED THE KALE!!!  I couldn’t find a nice “bowl” shaped pot I liked, and I ran out of potting soil anyway.  Plus, in a mad dash to stop the Limping Nugget from asserting her authority towards some dogs across the fence, I threw the hose down….and my kale seeds got wet.  Are they still good to plant!?!  Does anyone know!?  Are my seeds just growing in their package!?  SOMEONE HALP ME!!!!!!

I also finally fixed the gutters around my house.  It was a pain in the butt….literally because I was sitting in landscaping rock….but it’s done and over with so hopefully the foundation of my lil townhome will stay nice, dry, and happy.

Now……on to the interior projects.

You’ll recall that I’ve basically wanted to repaint the master bedroom since I moved into the house.  I did write a small preview blog with what I thought were my ideas, however some of that may have been a lie.  I have yet to finish my garage, but I did paint my bedroom Blackberry….sorta.  There is no chair rail, but I did end up buying the birdcage chandelier!

Well, to celebrate graduating with my Master’s, my Momma decided that she would buy me paint and trim to redo the bedroom.  Now, let’s be real, that’s way too much money, and I shall be trying to not let her pay for everything.  The thought and the gesture are amazing, I just feel bad.  IDK if ya’ll are aware, but home improvement projects are not cheap!  This is mostly the reason why I never started the project before.  WHY MUST ADULTING COST SO MUCH….ALL…..THE….TIME…..!!!!!!

Momma and I decided to use the long weekend to finally get going with the project.  She arrived Thursday night and we were pretty much totally unprepared.  I only knew that I wanted to use the color Blackberry.  The two shades of tan that I thought we had decided on for the trim and other walls basically ended up as variations of the “Townhouse Beige” that adorns every other wall in my house.  Basically, Thursday night was spent staring at a small collection of generally not that wonderful paint chips and hoping they became wonderful…..they didn’t.

Friday morning I pulled up all the baseboards out of the bedroom so that we could apply liquid sandpaper to pull the shine off the surface and make the paint stick.  I googled the internet to try and find a picture of what we used, but couldn’t.  It was a super old container of something Dad had used, so it’s possible the it’s not made anymore.  I thought something magical would happen to the woodwork, like it would get cloudy or bubbly, or something to let you know it was working…..nothing really changed.  They looked cleaner….which make them shinier….which seemed a bit like not at all the point of the project.


Here’s a picture of the back of the liquid sandpaper can….SO HELPFUL!  Also picture, my excellent painter’s taping skillz and the tools required to remove baseboards.

A trip to Sherwin Williams later, and I had my three colors: Blackberry, Glamour, and Irish Cream.  Yes I know, of course I would pick the color Glamour….it’s not my fault, it’s just want matched my curtain and bed skirt.  In other glorious news…..NONE OF THEM LOOK ANYTHING LIKE TOWNHOME BEIGE! (Sherwin Williams actually makes a color called Townhouse Tan……it made me giggle a lot!)

Friday night I finished taping and we did manage to get a coat of Irish Cream onto the ceiling……it was looking pretty good, until the morning when the splotches showed up.  So Saturday morning was another coat on the bedroom ceiling and one coat on the bathroom ceiling, because we totally forgot that the night before.  I think on Saturday we also primed all the bedroom walls?!  Frankly, it was a lot of days off work, and when I’m not at work I sort of never keep track of the day I’m on.  But, in any case, before the serious painting could begin, everything had to be primed.


Primer…..makes everything look good.  By good I of course mean like crap.

Saturday night we went to Menards to scope trim options.  We of course left with no trim…..because that’s how we roll, but I did get a new chandelier for the living room.  ONE MORE UGLY BOOB LIGHT GONE!  “Boob lights” is just a better name for those stupid flush mount ceiling half orb light thinkers……I saw it on another DIY blog and it make me giggle!


“For the glamorous….oh the flossy, flossy!”–Fergie

I hung the new chandelier, finished some random odds and ends, and got some other new lights ready for installation while Momma worked on painting the trim.  I’m not a great painter….honestly I’ve never really tried.  But, Momma found cute little mini handled paint brushes she wanted to try at Home Depot, so she edged out all the trim we had left up…..so the doors (there are a lot of doors in my bedroom honestly) and the window.  After that was all said and done, we started the first of two coats on the bedroom walls.


THE BIRDCAGE!! It was already darkish, but it had some speckles I didn’t like so it got sprayed down dark.


New vanity light….It was oil rubbed bronze. Sometimes, spray paint is all you need!



The colors I picked are oddly hard to capture in a good picture. Glamour is a warm pinky/plum/beigey neutral. Also, the Irish Cream isn’t that yellow in person, it’s just a nice off white cream.


The square of primer is where the Blackberry went in the bedroom.

Monday we got two coats of blackberry done in the bathroom, and three coats on the bedroom’s accent wall.  It was slightly traumatic because it was definitely harder to get the dark color to look good.  The first coat of Blackberry looked absolutely horrible…..like horrible pink primer.  Maybe it was our technique, maybe we had the wrong kind of roller, maybe that’s just how dark paint is…..idk but it wasn’t super reassuring.

Sunday night, Monday night, and Tuesday night were mostly spent getting odds and ends done and the rooms put back together.  Mom didn’t have to work until Wednesday, so she stayed Tuesday while I went to work so that we could do the last coat of Blackberry in the bathroom after work.


If you’re in need of custom curtains, you can try contacting Momma Mishappenings…..it’s always worked for me!


The bathroom is the most “finished” looking of either room.  Partly that’s because we trimmed out the whole ceiling, so it just looks more finished then the bedroom currently does.  The plan is to install crown molding at the ceiling so that it won’t matter that we didn’t paint all the way to the ceiling.  If we decide that’s too much, it’s just paint and I can go back over the things we aren’t going to cover with molding.  I’m liking my new little dark fancy bathroom.  Like every bathroom I’m ever in in the future is probably going to need to be this color!  I did however get some Blackberry on my toilet….I should maybe work on getting that scrubbed off….oopsy!


In case you’re wondering where Scout was during all of this, she was her regularly clingy self.  Friday night I slept out on the couch, and I thought Scout might like a little Mommy and Me sleep over time.  I was wrong, I woke up and she was sleeping on the drop cloth.  Riddle me how or why laying on the drop cloth is better than the carpet?!  She didn’t seem to care and spent most of the weekend being firmly committed to her new found love of drop clothes.  Also, wedging herself into places she doesn’t really fit and being sorta generally under foot were additional favorite weekend activities.

There is still a lot of project to go:

  • The accent wall needs stenciling, a huge frame, and accent lighting
  • The window and doors all need additional trim to amp them up a bit
  • The baseboards need to be beefed up….although this will probably be the easiest of all the projects.  We can’t start it until we figure out how much we are expanding the door trims
  • The bedroom needs crown molding
  • I’d like to maybe build some sort of valance to go over the top of the curtain to cover up the raw edges.  It used to be mounted flush to the ceiling so it didn’t matter, but my bedroom now as higher ceilings.

Of course it’s a huge to do list still, and projects might change or get dropped.  Like I said, if we decide not to do things its just going to take some more time with a paint brush to finish off some of the areas we left unfinished but plan to cover with molding and trim.  Beyond those projects, I still have an antique door to turn into an mirror and a bedside table that now desperately needs to be refinished.

Home ownership…..the never ending to do list!


Bedroom Changes Part 1: Oh, the Choices

I spent most of the winter ignoring the projects and updates I want to be performing to my house.  Spring and Summer mean a new start and a renewed sense of purpose for my projects.  (I feel like that sentence was about as cheesy as they come.)  Plus, I have some friends who are getting antsy to help with my projects, and you should never let the offer to help paint a room expire!  I’ve never really been in charge of picking out my own paint colors, just another step in adulthood, so I’m having some anxiety about making such a big choice.  I thought maybe I would throw up some options on the blog.  It might help me to talk through everything, and maybe I’ll get some good ideas in the comment section.  That’s right people, this is going to be an interactive post.  TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!  I’ll make more Bedroom Changes posts as I get the room accomplished.  Plus, there is a whole bedroom upstairs that I need to tackle, but I have a more streamlined vision for that room so I feel less stressed about that one.

The Current Situation

A clashing of styles.....

A clashing of styles…..my current situation.

The people who lived here before me had really modern style.  There was a white, ceramic moose head hanging over the bed……hahah totally not my taste!!  The room is currently painted a dark blue/grey.  Actually, I like the color and will probably move it to the bedroom upstairs.  The grey just doesn’t go with my sheets and curtains.  The curtains are the same purple and gold damask as the bed skirt.  I really like my purple and gold theme and the fabrics I have going, so now I just need to decide on a wall color.

The current choices are a dark purple…..which is apparently tricky to find, or a beige.  I’m hesitant about the beige because everyone can have beige walls….they just aren’t very exciting, and I’m sorta an exciting gal.  The other issue is that the rest of my house is beige.  In a way, it feels like taking the one exciting room I currently have, and dulling it back down to normal.

The Inspiration: Let Them Eat Cake

Marie Antoinette in all her opulent glory.

Marie Antoinette in all her opulent glory.

I want my bedroom to be a bit fancy and over done.  I mean, obviously I’m not going to gold leaf everything, but I would like it to be a modern take on that classic style.  The whole main floor of my house has sort of a classic style, and I want the bedroom to be the grandest room on the floor.  I’m the queen of my own castle and I want my bedroom to show it.

The Ideas I Have

The stencil is also on the to do list.  Whatever color I paint the wall, the stencil will be done in a very sheer pearl paint.  The goal is to have the stencil design there, but have it be very subtle.

The stencil idea will be done for sure.  Just the wall behind my headboard.  I’d also like to make a new, tufted headboard, but that’s a different blog post.  It doesn’t matter if I paint the walls dark purple or beige, the typical paint finish we use is eggshell.  I bought some metallic pearl paint for my couch, and that’s what I’ll use for the stencil.  It will be fairly subtle either way, just a difference in finish.  In my mind it looks cool, however I’ve realized that my mind’s vision sometimes doesn’t work out.

I love the faux-4 post look.

I’m also really loving this look.  I would be perfect for me because I’m obviously not rocking a 4 post bed frame.  I don’t know that I would do all 4, and I have no idea what fabric I might use.  Nothing I currently have.  So, if you have suggestions on what mind go with the rest of my fabrics, that would be helpful.  Isn’t interaction fun?!?!

The problem

The main problem I’m having involves the fact that there is very little light in my bedroom.  There isn’t an overhead light, I could maybe change that, but I’ve gotten used to having an overhead fan.  I tend to get warm at night and I can’t sleep if i’m hot.  Lack of sleep leads to a somewhat snarky me, so it’s really in everyone’s best interests that I keep the fan.  I love the dark purples below



If I paint the walls dark, I will repaint my doors and woodwork a light cream.  The only thing I’m not quite settled on is what to do with the ceiling.


I do like the general idea of painting the ceiling and walls the same color with some nice trim in between, however there are two issues with this plan.

1.  I don’t have the trim currently, and budgetary restrictions might cause my room to look a bit odd for awhile as I save.

2. My ceiling and walls do not have the same texture.  I realize that this can be fixed, but that’s maybe more work than I’m wanting to bite off.  I think that unless I change the ceiling texture to match the walls it would be odd for them to be the same color.

The Horror Show

The other slight problem I’m having with purple is the horrific problem that can occur when you pick the wrong shade!

photo 2 (2)

The caption on this photo was, “Purple done right!”  WRONG….THERE IS NOTHING GOOD ABOUT JOLLY RANCHER GRAPE WALLS!


I mean….the bad can get really bad!

So, this is my conundrum, hunt around for the perfect dark, purple befitting royalty….or settle for some beige, and try to fancy it up a bit by painting the nightstand, and maybe a mirror, dark purple.  Leave some comments and help be decide.  I’m thoroughly on the struggle bus with this choice and I need your help!  Also, the bedroom is attached to the bathroom which I may or may not paint.  However, the bathroom has silver fixtures, and it’s not in my budget to change them.  I’m not a huge fan of gold hardware, and so the silver will probably be permanent.

photo 4