Blue Jean Blues, Fake Flannel, and a Graduation Goal


Why, why, why, must buying blue jeans be one of life’s greatest mysteries?  I don’t understand why guys can walk in anywhere, grab a pair of jeans, and everything is fine.  With all of our scientific and technological advances, you’d think we could transfer that “magic” to women’s jeans!?  Even if you think you know what you want…..nothing will ever fit you like you think it should.

I’m size mouse at Gap, and size walrus as H&M. Make up your *$% damn minds!”

On a side note….go watch all of Matt Bellassi’s Whine About It videos. They are hilarious. He’s like my gay, drunk spirit animal! He totally understands my feelings on life!

Last night, Momma and I tried on 9 pairs of jeans between us.  All of the jean styles I ordered I have previously worn….do you think that any of them fit……well….yes and no.  Yes, they all technically fit, but for some reason The Buckle decided to change their denim blend to that lovely early 2000’s super stretch!  Ugh, high school me would have been super amped, adult me is sorta less enthused.  Momma ended up with a couple new pairs, most of her’s were ruled out due to length, although one horrible pair was way too big, bad, and bulky in the hip area.

This week I also ordered an oversized flannel hoodie off the interwebs.  I was super excited until I received it, and realized it was an awful polyester/acrylic blend.  Ugh…..that’s not what flannel is!  Flannel is supposed to be soft….and glorious…..and warm…..and make you want to curl up with cider, in your boots, on a crispy fall day.  This on the other hand is sorta itchy, feels waxy, isn’t all that warm, and if I kept it would most likely hang ignored in my closet.  Luckily, Momma came to the rescue measuring and sketching a pattern.  Then she did find an actual pattern for a pajama shirt that is actually the same size.  It will need some slight modifications, but I think it will do the trick very nicely.  Momma rescue for the win!!  

Sex and the City taught us many things….I should have remembered this life lesson!

Yesterday, on the drive down to Momma’s, I decided that when I graduate with my Master’s I’m going to buy myself a boat.  The family that bought our Sea Jet has her out at the marina, in a slip, and they appear to be spending lots of time out on her.  Which makes me happy, but also super jealous.  So, to deal with this I’m going to buy myself a new Sunfish.  Graduation will be the perfect time too…..just in time for summertime funtime!  Time to commence a more stringent budget I guess……