Well…..That Did Not Go As Planned

I’m on my own for the weekend.  The Engineer is off on his yearly West River mule deer hunt with a friend, so Scout-A-Roo and I are having a girl’s weekend.  Friday night started off strong with neither of us moving off the couch till bedtime.  Our Netflix and chill game was super strong last night.  Not that The Engineer and I ever fight over the remote, but he isn’t necessarily interested in the shows I find interesting.  Last night was a British Royal Family sort of night.  I don’t know why I’m so interested, but really any documentary about monarchies and history I’ve always found very interesting.  That’s maybe a bit un-American of me, but you can’t help your interests I suppose.

Any who……I was awakened by a text early this morning from The Engineer that they had arrived at the hunting field.  Since I was awake anyway I decided to hit up the gym.  Single girl life was coming right on back to me!  Good workout followed by lounging and a good breakfast and some coffee is the stuff my weekends used to be made for.  Nothing like a piece of avocado toast with two poached eggs to start off a Saturday!

I realistically should have just stayed on the couch and maybe done a couple loads of laundry today.  But did I do that……nope, cuz I had to be stupid and over achieve!


When Momma, The Engineer, and I put up my crown molding the other weekend, we obviously created a lot of nail holes.  Since we own a nail gun and we basically had little to no idea where the studs were until the end…..more nails are always better.  You think that anyway, until you have to fill holes.  I figured I needed to do something with myself other than Netflix and chilling all weekend so I decided to tackle filling all the holes.

I have several thoughts on spackle.  You may or may not what to hear them…..but it’s my blog and I do what I wanna so here it goes!

  • Why does it have to be so smelly?!
  • Crumbles……as far as the eye can see!  This is the contributing factor to my failure later in the day.
  • I have no idea what the ideal texture of spackle is supposed to be, but I’m quite sure mine is never right!

To be fair, I’m pretty sure that my spackle was a bit dried out, which probably didn’t help the severe crumble issues, but who’s gonna buy a new container for nails holes?!  As it is I’ve used my container twice and it’s still basically full.  I did blend in a little water which made it a bit more workable, but that just made the smell come out.  It’s probably the worst stuff I’ve ever had to use inside the house.  I’ve used paints and stains that smell better than this crap.  Why has no one else ever complained about this and gotten it changed?!

So there I am…..red dirt country music playing in the background……filling the most difficult holes first.  The most difficult holes belong to some fancy oak trim we added to the door frames in the bathroom.  The trim and my nail gun didn’t at all get along, and this lead to some cracks and other less than desirable spots to fix.  I’m cruising along scooping out little BBs of spackle and working it into holes when all of the sudden….SLIVER!!  Thank you cracked up oak trim for impaling me right in the middle of my spackling finger!



I was semi tempted to just give up at this point….but ya know I didn’t have anything else to be doing really.  Plus, it’s gotta get done sometime I guess.  I’m a bit convinced that the thing that stopped the bleeding was that the hole got speckled shut….but ya know….two birds one stone I guess.  I got all the holes filled and managed to smooth out a couple seams in the crown.  I was tempted to fill in a couple of the coped corners, but given the questionable state of my spackle I decided to pass on that for now.  The plus side was that right in the middle of my spackle session The Engineer got his deer!  Between his buck today and the rest of his elk meat, we should be set for red meat for quite some time!


Just look at that rack!  Would ya just look at it?!

My intense spackle session produced plenty of crumbles that needed to be vacuumed.  Also, there may or may not have been some epic, epic fur bunnies squirreled in and around behind the toilet.  Whoops!  So, riding my wave of over achieving and generally superb adultiness….I of course decided to clean up the disaster area.  Here is where the real nightmare of the day started.  If I thought that semi dried out spackle was a disaster….this was upping the game.

So there I am…..just trying to be my best adulting self….and I sucked up a toilet bolt cap!  Seriously, this is what happens when you clean……things just go to crap.  But ya know those little white bubble things that cover up the bolts that hold your toilet down….yea mine aren’t attached anymore.  And ya know how sometimes ya forget…..well I forgot.  Ya know what vacuums and vacuum hoses really don’t like…..toilet bubble caps being sucked forcefully into them.  Getting a toilet cap outta my vacuum hose wasn’t really an activity I had planned on doing, nor had any idea how to do.  I basically ended up having to massage the cap all the way through the hose to the other end because the opening was larger.  I’m not sure if you’re aware how much random dust and crap are in your vacuum hose.  I wasn’t until I started working on my hose massage skills.  Ughs, so much crud……crud piles as far as the eye can see.  At one point I tried hooking the hose back up to the vacuum and using suction on the cap….it was futile.  I can’t at all recommend that technique.


Accurate depiction of me working on my vacuum hose.

I decided to celebrate my day of accomplishments with candles and a bath bomb.  My candles didn’t want to stay lit, and the bomb turned my bath water into something that closely resembled glittery pond scum water.  However, it smelled good and was nice to chill a al my former single girl self.  It wasn’t the exact weekend I had in mind, and things didn’t go as smoothly as I would have hoped, but everything came together in the end!

KitchenAid Struggles….and Other News!

I really like my KitchenAid mixer although I use it only on rare occasions.  Generally, these occasions revolve around making mashed potatoes or occasionally banana bread!  In case you’d like to know a (Mis)Happening’s fun fact…..mashed potatoes are one of my most favorite foods!  However, during my last mashed potato making session, my KitchenAid attacked me.  And…..there was a witness to the event even!



I love this color….Imperial Grey….nice texturized finish and it goes with everything.  Color, my friends, is over rated!

My KitchenAid doesn’t occupy a permanent countertop position for a couple reasons.  1…I don’t have that much countertop to go around, and 2…..you can only eat mashed potatoes so often.  It just doesn’t need to be out all the time.  This effort to clean up and put stuff away is really the cause of my most recent incident.  Frankly, this isn’t the first time that attempting to clean up and organize my life has come back to bite me in the boo-tay.  Often times, I wonder why I even try and adult, because it just doesn’t seem like it ever works out for me.  Case in point….I maybe got too ambitious/excited about planting some veggies for summer, and I probably now have a couple dead tomato plants because spring in South Dakota is currently involving a winter weather advisory!

The KitchenAid’s home is on the bottom of my pantry cupboard.  It only barely fits on the shelf, and some focus and maneuvering is required to get it put back away.  I’m not even sure what exactly the mixer got caught on while I was trying to put it away the other night.  I do know that the squishy part of my knee, right above my knee cap, ran smack into the pointy front edge of my mixer.  Now, I get hurt a lot, a couple weeks ago a candle attacked me in a similar fashion while I was getting in the truck, but this was, I think, the worst owwy I’ve received while at home.  I was left with the sort of feeling you get when you bang your funny bone…only in my knee, and a large bump and bruise.  To make matters a bit worse, the bruise is right at Scout’s head height, so she has a tendency to whack it while trying to show off her hedgehog or alligator retrieving and murdering skills.


So there’s The Engineer….sitting across the island from me….looking slightly concerned and a little bit confused as I’m like half laughing and being mostly in pain.  I’ve warned him several times that life with me is just a constant ride on the struggle bus, but either he doesn’t believe me, or he doesn’t seem to mind.  It’s not even like I had to pull out all the cooking stops to impress him.  He’s been to several of the house parties, so he’s always known that I’m perfectly capable of whipping up some dinner.

He had his own fair share of fails this weekend though too!  It just hasn’t been the most successful weekend at Casa (Mis)Happenings.  I finally decided to upgrade my old college coffee pot.  I’ve been wanting new one for quite some time, but I had originally planned on waiting for the old one to die before upgrading.  However, I got tired of waiting….and frankly that wasn’t the best plan because it would involve being without a coffee pot for a day or two.  So…..I ordered myself a Ninja!  It’s got a timer, I don’t have to move it out from under the cabinets every morning to fill the water tank, and it will brew different sizes and strengths of coffee depending on what I’m after.  I’m excited to use the Iced Coffee setting this summer so I don’t have to drink stale, old, brewed coffee over ice, and The Engineer is excited to make his new favorite coffee drink…..the frappucino….in combo with my Ninja blender!


He set things up, and I got a beer…..it was super ideal! 🙂

Anyway, he decided that he was going to make the inaugural pot of coffee on the new Ninja.  Someone….maybe over estimated how strong he likes his coffee….and brewed up a pot of mud.  I thought it was fairly drinkable….with the addition of some coconut milk.  He used the included milk frother thingy to whip up some milk to try and fix his…..it didn’t work out.  It was only after he had given up on drinking the mud that I remembered that I have some actual coffee creamer in the fridge that BFB left behind a couple weeks ago….whoopsy!  Despite the bad coffee, we did have a nice rainy morning Harry Potter mini marathon!  I’m not sure what else you’re supposed to do when the temperature drops near to freezing and it rains all day.  Movies and snacks seem like the only logical answer!


Choose Your Own Series of Unfortunate Events

Several events recently have forced me to wonder how much say we actually have in our own lives.  I know that everyone always says, “You’re in charge of what happens to you!” and “Your future is always in your own hands!”……but is it really?!  Lately, it feels like lots of things get decided for me, and I just have to react to them.  That isn’t to mean I don’t have a choice, it just seems like the choices we’re given in life are usually slightly unfavorable.

For example…..health insurance……any way you slice it, it’s expensive and frankly not that great.  Either you have to pay a million dollars a month in premiums, or pay a million dollar fine if you choose not to carry coverage.  Technically, you have a choice, but the options aren’t great.  It can be even worse if your insurance dictates what doctors you can and can’t see.  That’s what happened in my state because the two large hospitals are in charge of the insurance.  They decided they couldn’t find a “favorable” choice with each other, so they decided to pass the crappiness on to the general population.  But!!!  A big wig at one of the hospitals was interviewed by a news channel and was quick to remind us that we have several amazing choices!

  • We can switch doctors so that we can pay in-network amounts……
  • We can pay out of network prices to keep our physicians who used to be covered under the insurance plans……..OR and the “option we obviously don’t prefer”
  • We can try and find insurance through someone else

I get that these are technically all options, and that I do have a choice….but someone needs to explain to me how any of these are good options for me, because I’m just not seeing it.  I was so excited this year to not have to tinker with my insurance, but that’s all gone down the drain now!


When you feel like you’re finally starting to get a handle on life.  You can hold your head up, you’re styling, and your ducks are finally in a row….


….and suddenly things go drastically downhill, you no longer have any idea what’s happening to you, and your ducks start wandering around in confused circles of crazy.

These are baby pictures of me…..illustrating that some of us get on the struggle bus sooner than others, but I think once you’re there you can’t get off.  It’s a bit like the Hotel California that way I suppose, “You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave!”  I made it 12.5 weeks before I got on the bus, still riding strong today!

Another example……my HOA dues…..  If the board doesn’t receive a unanimous YES vote to changing the by-laws, dues will have to skyrocket.  It’s a bit involved so I won’t bore you with the details, but my ability to comfortably afford to continue living in my house now rests in the hands of the 142 other votes the board needs for approval.  What election in the history of ever has had 100% voter turnout…..and then that 100% turnout all voting the same way?!?!  The odds don’t feel like they are running much in my favor.  Again thought, I suppose I have options……sell my house and move, or drastically adjust the way I live my life.

Why are all the options we are given as adults crappy?!?

Although, to be fair, little kids have there share of crappy options too…..we as a adults just have a hard time rationalizing then as shitty.

Case in point, last night we had a large, extended family pizza party.  My cousin’s little toddler of a son was slightly annoyed cuz he had been too busy to nap…..option 1.  He was given the chance to nap, but why nap and miss out on things when you can stay up and maybe just be a lil bit annoyed.

At some point previously he had bitten his cheek which was only being aggravated by the pizza sauce, you know that feeling…..it’s unpleasant at best!  When given the option of ice cream instead of pizza, he got quite upset because he didn’t want the ice cream….he wanted pizza.  Now, as an adult….pizza or ice cream (frankly both) would be equally acceptable dinner time options.  The tiny nugget however, didn’t realize that ice cream was a perfectly acceptable dinner time selection and instead insisted on trying to suffer through pizza.  He had options, he just didn’t view any of them as great and had to suffer through what in his little mind was the better choice…..even if that meant extreme mouth owies with every bite.

Maybe when you boil it down and get right down to the nitty gritty, life is just a choose your own adventure book, only that the adventure usually is a series of unfortunate events.  Sure the events change and morph as we get older, and your unfortunate event might be someone else’s dream…I get all that.  But, unfortunate events are in the eye of the beholder, so I guess we will all just keep having to making choices, flipping ahead to the assigned page, and fingers crossed that we don’t regret our decisions.

A Series of Unfortunate Failures

It hasn’t been a great week here at Casa Mishappenings.  For a whole plethora of reasons, this week has just kicked my ass.  Scout was sick, like really quite sick, I’m sick, work was…..challenging.

Here’s a numerical ranking of the ways in which this week has been less than ideal.

  • Piles of puppy puke cleaned – 8
  • Hours spent reanalyzing and recalculating data at work that the customer decided they didn’t want anyway – 7
  • Hours spent in pointless meetings at work when I could have been doing my actual work – 6
  • Hours spent upside down….on my head….with a cold….installing baseboard in my bathroom – 5 (Mostly due to the fact that I’m quite sure it would have been faster to remove my toilet and then reinstall it than try to piece together moldings in the tiny toilet nook.)
  • Pots of tea made in an attempt to destuff my nose – 4
  • Doses of cold medicine taken – 3
  • Misfired nails needing to be removed from woodwork – 2
  • Drill bits broken off in woodwork never to be seen again – 1

It’s been like the 12 Days of Christmas around here….only with failures!

Some weeks I guess you just can’t win.

Murphy’s Law : A Study of Maximizing the Adulting Power Within You

Some weeks, you get to party and drink beer.  Other weeks, you have to put on your big girl pants and power through some extreme adulting activities.  The past couple weeks, basically all week long, has been heavy duty adult activities….and they are exhausting.  I’m not sure how people do it day in and day out honestly, because I feel like I need a vacation from my life.

Let’s start with the biggest and most adulty of my jobs………Fixing My Dead Furnace 

My house was built in 2011.  Since the house is so new, it seemed unlikely that my furnace should have been having issues, but oh did it have issues.  I’m not sure that I could pin point the exact day that the problems started, but I know that I started trying to fix them last Tuesday.

As a somewhat slacky adult, when my furnace started to get….temperamental….I assumed I had just waited too long to change the filter.  So I swapped out the old filter, put new batteries in the thermostat, and was all ready to reward myself for my awesome pro-fixer skills.  However, that didn’t exactly work.  All week my house never got warmer than 64 degrees….it never got much colder than that, but I just couldn’t get it to warm up.  Except Thursday……..for some mystical reason, Thursday everything worked perfectly.  Friday was a different story.  I was up most of the night making sure that the furnace did kick on and that the house didn’t get too cold.  OF COURSE THIS HAD TO HAPPEN ON THE COLDEST DAYS OF THE YEAR!!!!  

Based on the events of the week, I had decided that all I needed was a new thermostat.  Clearly…..the furnace was running since it was basically always 64 degrees.  The thermostat was obviously just not telling the furnace to turn on.  Makes sense right?!?!  Since I also recently got a new iPhone that actually functions like a phone, I decided that I would buy a Nest thermostat.  They are quite expensive, but you can monitor conditions from your phone, and they are supposed to help you save money on your utility bills.  So……Saturday morning, Scout and I drove over to Lowe’s to pick up the new thermostat.  It was super easy to install, and it’s super cute!


Look at all the cuteness!!!  And…..it lights up when you walk past!!!! 🙂

Once again, I was ready to celebrate my victory over the furnace, however once again I was wrong.  I spent most of Saturday swinging the emotional spectrum of hopefulness every time the furnace kicked on to near tears when I somehow managed to kill all the electricity to my loft.  I did manage to restore power to the loft, so that small crisis was averted.  In between the mood swings I called an HVAC company…..who told me to call Nest.  I spent an hour on the phone with Nest tech support while they attempted to figure out if I had a power sharing issue or a furnace issue.

During my time on the phone with Nest, I learned a couple things

  • No one who isn’t a native South Dakotan knows how to properly pronounce Pierre, and they are amazed we all already know there is a river there
  • Furnace issues seem to take a lifetime to resolve
  • People from Texas equate loosing heat in a SoDak winter tobloosing AC in a Texas summer.  While I can appreciate the crappiness that would be a Texas summer without AC, loosing heat on a day where the high temperature was 3 degrees above zero is a whole different can of worms!  I’m still not sure he understands that it was less about my physical self being cold, and more about the potential need for a HVAC tech and a plumber if my pipes had frozen!

Do you see that outside temp?!?!  Bring on the cold people!

I did eventually get the furnace fixed after another call back to the HVAC company and a hefty bill for a weekend repair call.  I even made it down to Momma’s in time for dinner with my cousins and fam!  The moral of this story kids……just give up hope that you can fix the problem and call the HVAC company…..during the week….so you avoid the extra charges.

Moving down the ladder of difficult adult activities……HOA Board Member Meeting

For some reason this fall, I decided that I should embrace some adulting.  I’m not sure what exactly inspired this need to boost my responsibilities, but I volunteered myself to be a member on the board of my HOA.  Honestly, no one in the association knows me, so I’m a little shocked that I even ended up being voted in.  There were several of us up for election, and somehow I’m who made the cut.  Earlier this week we had our first meeting, and once again….I discovered some things.

  • I’m what rounds to half the age of all the other 6 board members
  • If you want to be part of the drama in the association, you need to live in the middle not on the end
  • Doesn’t matter how much you think you suck at adulting….atleast you’re not the guy who drove through his garage door!  ……yes this is an actual thing that happened somewhere in my association!
  • My outdoor Christmas decorations were a big hit around the association…..score one for Momma MisHappenings!

The meeting took two hours, most of which was just random gossip and drawing conclusions about new insurance quotes we have yet to receive.  After the meeting, I picked up dog food and ice cream…..because Scout’s gotta eat, and I deserved a treat!  Yay for small victories in adulting.

The final struggle……Vehicle Registration

Last year, I waited till the absolute last minute to register my vehicle.  I actually ended up putting the new stickers on my car late.  I know I was late because I put them on after the Super Bowl.  I don’t pay a ton of attention to football, but I’m pretty sure the Super Bowl is in February….and my car is supposed to have new stickers by January 31st…..OOOPSY

This year I did manage to get registration done…..10 whole days early!  I no longer live where the county offices are, so this involved taking an hour or so off work yesterday.  For me it doesn’t really matter, but not everyone can just scamper away from work because they all the sudden remember that vehicle registration needs to be done.  I really think that they should stay open late like one night a week.  I mean I know they are all government employees, but honestly…..some of us have less cushy jobs!  It wouldn’t normally be awful, but we all had to get new actual license plates this year.  I’ve now lost the only license number I’ve ever had!  Those old plates had seen me through all my cars, high school, college, buying a new home, and nearly a masters.

True to form, I bought the plates and put the stickers on, but I have yet to put them on the car.  Meh…..I’ve got 10 days!



Bedroom Changes Part 1: Oh, the Choices

I spent most of the winter ignoring the projects and updates I want to be performing to my house.  Spring and Summer mean a new start and a renewed sense of purpose for my projects.  (I feel like that sentence was about as cheesy as they come.)  Plus, I have some friends who are getting antsy to help with my projects, and you should never let the offer to help paint a room expire!  I’ve never really been in charge of picking out my own paint colors, just another step in adulthood, so I’m having some anxiety about making such a big choice.  I thought maybe I would throw up some options on the blog.  It might help me to talk through everything, and maybe I’ll get some good ideas in the comment section.  That’s right people, this is going to be an interactive post.  TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!  I’ll make more Bedroom Changes posts as I get the room accomplished.  Plus, there is a whole bedroom upstairs that I need to tackle, but I have a more streamlined vision for that room so I feel less stressed about that one.

The Current Situation

A clashing of styles.....

A clashing of styles…..my current situation.

The people who lived here before me had really modern style.  There was a white, ceramic moose head hanging over the bed……hahah totally not my taste!!  The room is currently painted a dark blue/grey.  Actually, I like the color and will probably move it to the bedroom upstairs.  The grey just doesn’t go with my sheets and curtains.  The curtains are the same purple and gold damask as the bed skirt.  I really like my purple and gold theme and the fabrics I have going, so now I just need to decide on a wall color.

The current choices are a dark purple…..which is apparently tricky to find, or a beige.  I’m hesitant about the beige because everyone can have beige walls….they just aren’t very exciting, and I’m sorta an exciting gal.  The other issue is that the rest of my house is beige.  In a way, it feels like taking the one exciting room I currently have, and dulling it back down to normal.

The Inspiration: Let Them Eat Cake

Marie Antoinette in all her opulent glory.

Marie Antoinette in all her opulent glory.

I want my bedroom to be a bit fancy and over done.  I mean, obviously I’m not going to gold leaf everything, but I would like it to be a modern take on that classic style.  The whole main floor of my house has sort of a classic style, and I want the bedroom to be the grandest room on the floor.  I’m the queen of my own castle and I want my bedroom to show it.

The Ideas I Have

The stencil is also on the to do list.  Whatever color I paint the wall, the stencil will be done in a very sheer pearl paint.  The goal is to have the stencil design there, but have it be very subtle.

The stencil idea will be done for sure.  Just the wall behind my headboard.  I’d also like to make a new, tufted headboard, but that’s a different blog post.  It doesn’t matter if I paint the walls dark purple or beige, the typical paint finish we use is eggshell.  I bought some metallic pearl paint for my couch, and that’s what I’ll use for the stencil.  It will be fairly subtle either way, just a difference in finish.  In my mind it looks cool, however I’ve realized that my mind’s vision sometimes doesn’t work out.

I love the faux-4 post look.

I’m also really loving this look.  I would be perfect for me because I’m obviously not rocking a 4 post bed frame.  I don’t know that I would do all 4, and I have no idea what fabric I might use.  Nothing I currently have.  So, if you have suggestions on what mind go with the rest of my fabrics, that would be helpful.  Isn’t interaction fun?!?!

The problem

The main problem I’m having involves the fact that there is very little light in my bedroom.  There isn’t an overhead light, I could maybe change that, but I’ve gotten used to having an overhead fan.  I tend to get warm at night and I can’t sleep if i’m hot.  Lack of sleep leads to a somewhat snarky me, so it’s really in everyone’s best interests that I keep the fan.  I love the dark purples below



If I paint the walls dark, I will repaint my doors and woodwork a light cream.  The only thing I’m not quite settled on is what to do with the ceiling.


I do like the general idea of painting the ceiling and walls the same color with some nice trim in between, however there are two issues with this plan.

1.  I don’t have the trim currently, and budgetary restrictions might cause my room to look a bit odd for awhile as I save.

2. My ceiling and walls do not have the same texture.  I realize that this can be fixed, but that’s maybe more work than I’m wanting to bite off.  I think that unless I change the ceiling texture to match the walls it would be odd for them to be the same color.

The Horror Show

The other slight problem I’m having with purple is the horrific problem that can occur when you pick the wrong shade!

photo 2 (2)

The caption on this photo was, “Purple done right!”  WRONG….THERE IS NOTHING GOOD ABOUT JOLLY RANCHER GRAPE WALLS!


I mean….the bad can get really bad!

So, this is my conundrum, hunt around for the perfect dark, purple befitting royalty….or settle for some beige, and try to fancy it up a bit by painting the nightstand, and maybe a mirror, dark purple.  Leave some comments and help be decide.  I’m thoroughly on the struggle bus with this choice and I need your help!  Also, the bedroom is attached to the bathroom which I may or may not paint.  However, the bathroom has silver fixtures, and it’s not in my budget to change them.  I’m not a huge fan of gold hardware, and so the silver will probably be permanent.

photo 4

A Major Failure in Adulthood or A Basic College Strategy

Just livin' the dream!

Just livin’ the dream!  Although, I can rock the hoodies at work, so I shouldn’t complain too much….

I have been wondering for the past couple weeks if I lost some yoga pants somewhere.  The other option, of course, is that my washing machine ate them.  I have shirts coming out my ears, and apparently only 2 remaining pairs of pants?!?!?  I quite honestly have no idea where they might be.  It’s caused some tricky situations when packing my gym bag every morning.

Oh Ryan, I'm so glad you get me.  We've got that deep, emotional connection going on!

Oh Ryan, I’m so glad you get me. We’ve got that deep, emotional connection going on!  If you never take off the pants, you can’t loose them!

Today, however, was a particularly low day in my progress towards adulthood.  After looking pointlessly in my closet, I moved out to the dinning room table.  Yes….I fold laundry on my table, and quite often it stays there much longer than it should.  Again, a pile of folded tops and no pants in sight.  At this moment I was out of options and out of time.  I performed a maneuver that I was quite sure only young, college dudes perform….I Febreezed a pair of pants that I dug out of the hamper!! :/  SERIOUSLY!!!  That’s what my life came to this morning.  Years of homemaker training, 1.5 college degrees, a house of my own, and I can’t keep track of yoga pants!!!!!  Your general inability to be a responsible adult really hits home when you’re Febreezing workout pants, in your garage, 10 minutes before you’re supposed to be at work.

All’s well that ends well I guess…..?  My pants didn’t smell like the inside of a locker room anymore, and I survived my workout.  Here’s to better planning in the future?!?…….who am I kidding……I’ll just buy more pants!  ADULTING THE EASY WAY!!!!!

Get yourself a good pair of yoga pants....and Hakuna Masquata! (Except do the opposite of that, because according to the Lion King, Hakuna means no......)

Get yourself a good pair of yoga pants….and Hakuna Masquata!!  It means nice booty! 🙂